ReGor Long-Tusk

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ReGor Long-Tusk
Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean
Homeworld Gamorr
Siblings ELoc Long-Tusk, Kang Long-Tusk, Numerous unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.0 meters
Coloring Pink
Political Information
Affiliation Tusk Brothers Trading Company
Title Tribal Chief, Boar-Lord
Positions Enforcer, Head Hog, Founder

ReGor Long-Tusk (pronounced /RE-gor laang-tuhsk/) is a Gamorrean, known for his unique color pattern amongst his people. He is a Boar-Lord and Enforcer for the consolidated Tusk clans on Gamorr. His brother ELoc is the self proclaimed (although disputed) Tribal Chief of Gamorr and leads the Tusk clans.

Personal Information


Standing at nearly 2 meters tall ReGor is a large member of the Gamorrean people. His skin tone is the result of a genetic deficiency, he does not share a green shade like other of his race but rather a pink/peach color. Although rare, his condition was cause for concern and led to him having a rough up bringing.

Early Life and Adventures

On the Gamorrean Plains

ReGor was born to a large litter, his mother died when she was having another litter, ReGor was raised by his brother ELoc on the Western Grasslands. ReGor claims to be kin with several famous Gamorreans including Esu Kyoto, Lartog Ulmug and Kain Elderan, although nearly impossible to verify due to lack of records. Early in his life he was discovered to have the genetic deficiency that affected his skin color, this caused him to be picked on and bullied in his early years. ReGor attributes this to his toughness and fortitude that he said helped him later become the The Enforcer of his clan.

Another stand out was ReGor and ELoc's younger brother Kang Long-Tusk. He was extremely smart, more so than normal Gamorreans which led to his older brothers leaning on him for sound advice later in life.

A young Re’Gor on the Gamorrean Plains.

Being different than most Gamorreans, ReGor had a hard time adjusting to the already harsh lifestyle on Gamorr. He was raised with a close friend Zion Sharp-Tusk, although from a rival clan the two grew very close and did everything together in ReGor's youth. ReGor's brother, ELoc, taught him the basics of combat and respect early on, and when old enough ReGor entered the fighting pits. These small pits saw coordinated yet brutal matches between opponents at a young age. From a young age ReGor proved himself in the pits, this caused his older brother to name him his right hand and Enforcer.

Merging the Clans and 'Shattering of the Tusk'

The four ruling clans of the Western Plains on Gamorr (The Long-Tusk, Blunt-Tusk, Sharp-Tusk and Broken-Tusk) were in a constant state of war when ReGor was a small piglet and as time moved on the battles got more and more burtal. The clan's, it was rumored, were all once the same but sometime thousands of years ago in-fighting broke out and the clans split into the four that exist today. The four were always at odds and battling each other for dominance. When ReGor got of age his brother came to him with an idea on how to unify the 'Tusk' clans. He proposed that ReGor take his top Boars and attack the heads of the other Tusks clans. These attacks were known as the 'Shattering of the Tusk' and were a series of attacks, coordinated by ReGor to cripple the other clans means of governance by focusing on their economic centers. While attacks were happening at their space ports a kill squad (Later Re'Gor's personal guard, called GAM12) was sent to the three clans family leaders residence and dispensed with them. During these attacks Kang was caught in one of the battles and was killed, his body was never found but Zion told of the younger Long-Tusk's valiant efforts to defend himself. ReGor allowed Zion to live and felt responsible for his younger brothers death, always looking for some way to make up for that wrong.

After the attacks The Gamorrean economy crumbled over night. Already weak from the harsh rule of the Aurodium Legion, Gamorreans turned to the only tusk clan left, the Long-Tusks.

ReGor's brother and head of the Long-tusk clan, ELoc, took up the call. He named himself Tribal chief and took over the ransacked clans that were left. He consolidated all groups and land left on the western plains, he then named ReGor his second-in-command.

ELoc Long-Tusk, ReGor’s brother and Gamorrean Boar Lord.

Enforcer in Exile

After ReGor and Eloc were successful in the unification of the Tusk clans throughout Gamorr, very few stood in their way. Then the Aurodium Legion brought the weight of their military down on Gamorr, murdering untold thousands in the process. Although the battle was hard fought ReGor and his brother knew it was futile, they switched tactics from defending to evacuation. They managed to liberate as many fellow Gamorreans as they could, when they approached their vessel a lone figure stood in their way. ReGor's childhood friend Zion Sharp-Tusk, whos clan had been destroyed and eradicated during the Shattering of the Tusk. He held ReGor and ELoc responsible for Gamorr's invasion and problems. As the Aurodium Legion continued invasion swirled around them ReGor and Zion fought. The battle was short and bloody but in the end ReGor had defeated Zion, but instead of killing Zion he pulled him aboard his vessel. ReGor remembered what had happened to Kang and still felt responsible, he spared Zion. Together they left Gamorr with one unified thought; "Restore Gamorr to the people in which it belonged."

The Aurodium Legion Invasion of Gamorr.

ReGor and ELoc formed the Free Gamorr movement and from exile promote the independent Gamorrean ideals and vision of its people. ReGor also found a home for the stragglers of Gamorr, a group called Sanctuary Prime. The groups former founder (and Gamorrean) Esu Kyoto had left word for those fleeing oppression and Injustice could find refuge within the ranks on Mek va Uil. Using the calmness of the following months to his advantage ReGor also decided to open The Tusk Brother's Trading Company (aka Tusk Bros Trading Co.) to help facilitate the Free Gamorr movement's need for resources and goods to better help the cause.

From exile ReGor and ELoc both continually work to free their home world and one day return to their rightful place on Gamorr.

Tusk Brother Trading Company

As it became clear that the Aurodium Legion would never leave Gamorr, ReGor devised a plan with his trading group to blockade the Opuku system. On day 175 of year 24 Tusk Brothers Trading Company completely blockaded the Opuku system and effectively the planet Gamorr. TUSK flooded the system with nearly 400 vessels, causing massive delays and economic damage to the Legion. When reached for comment the AL had none, the only public made comment was from a transmission sent by Tribune Kay Dallben. The transmission was sent to the Colossal-class Heavy Carrier FREE GAMORR NOW (Later renamed to Gamorr's Gift) and it was brief "Please do not litter the system and pick up your trash." With that one statement, ReGor believed the AL to make their point that not only did they NOT understand why the blockade was happening but they would never understand Gamorreans.

After the blockade TUSK received universe wide appeal and attention. Growing from a small operation to one that moved more beings than the largest government to date.

The "Boar's head" asteroid, home to TUSK.

A New Home...

At the very beginning of year 25, ReGor sent out a transmission stating that TUSK was pulling out of the Sepan sector and the Mek va Uil system all together. Although no reason was given, it was then also announced that a new home in the form of the asteroid "Boar's Head" had been designated as the new TUSK home. This asteroid was found and stationed in the Brak sector some weeks prior. This particular asteroid has a slight pink hue and, some say, resembles a pig or boar head. Taking this as a good sign ReGor and TUSK immediately went to work building the asteroid and pulling all assets from Mek va Uil.

Tribal Ascension

Around day 100 of year 25, ELoc made an announcement to remainder clans on Gamorr and also those in exile. He was stepping away from the public eye. Only known to ReGor, ELoc's health was failing and he was in dire need of medical attention. Once he received the medical attention he needed he felt he could no longer be the Tribal Chief in his condition. Agreeing to stay on as an advisor, he named ReGor the new Tribal Chief of Gamorr.


Throughout his travels ReGor has made several friends, but several key groups or figures have been key in his stability for the Free Gamorr movement.

Signature Look of the GAM12.

GAM12 and Onyx Guard

These groups of highly trained Gamorreans are some of the loyal soldiers that helped secure Gamorr for ReGor and ELoc early on in the 'Shattering of the Tusk' event. The GAM12 wear a signature armor VERY similar to beskar armor. Some have speculated that the armor is actually made of beskar either taken from Mandolorians or even stolen, but little has been verified. Together with the legendary Onyx Guard make up, what some consider, to be the most fearsome group of warriors in several sectors. They are not far from ReGor where ever he may be.