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Reliance L.png
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 312208
Production date Day 182 of Year 14 (CGT)
Class Capital
Model Modular taskforce cruiser
Manufacturer Unknown
Technical specifications
Length 1,150 meters
Engine unit(s) Hoersch-Kessel ion drive (3)
Speed Hyperdrive: 2.0
Sublight: 20 MGLT
Armament Turbolaser (15)
Tractor beam (1)
Standard systems Docking bay (1)
Hangar bay (1)
Docking port (1)
Escape pod (10)
Modified systems Exterior paint scheme
Crew 2,500 (standard)
1,500 (skeleton)
800 (skeleton and slave-rigged/automated)
Passenger Capacity 1,000
Cargo capacity 325,000 tons
Consumables 6 months (maximum crew)
2 years (skeleton crew)
Commissioned Year 14 (CGT) as Ruusaar be Parjai
Year 16 (CGT) as the Reliance
Role(s) Hospital ship
Planetary pacification
Repair and recovery
Cargo hauler
Fleet Carrier
Fleet Woldona defense fleet
Affiliation Dael'mor
Owner(s) Tomas o`Cuinn
Commander(s) Jerot Waurie

The Reliance is a modular taskforce cruiser that serves as Tomas o`Cuinn's flagship and as an independent fleet carrier to provide force projection and operational security for his galactic interests. The cruiser is captained by Jerot Waurie, though Tomas reserves the right to take command when necessary. Though its home port is the Woldona system, there have been regular sightings throughout the Outer Rim with occasional contact reports in the Mid and Inner rims and especially in the Homon system, where Tomas o`Cuinn maintains substantial business interests.


Ordered by Tomas o`Cuinn through an anonymous producer sometime in Year 14 (CGT), the Reliance was completed and originally commissioned as the Ruusaar be Parjai - Mando'a for "Foundation of Victory" - to serve as mobile storage for his growing collection of rare starships. The cruiser's was modified upon his expulsion from Black Sun, becoming a dedicated fleet carrier capable of independent operations without an escort. To this end, a variety of support craft are carried in the docking bay while a well-paid and highly-trained crew regularly performs fleet maneuvers and tactical simulations in the anticipation of an ambush. In addition, the cruiser was decommissioned in Year 16 as the Ruusaar be Parjai and recommissioned as the Reliance in commemoration of the two-year anniversary of its flagship status.

The Reliance is capable of performing in a variety of roles due to a unique interchangeable module design, each of which serves a specific purpose and holds specialized equipment and can be swapped for another in just under one galactic standard day. The hospital module is outfitted with tons of medical equipment and staff, with thousands of medical droids, and is used to assist in disaster situations. The inquisition module is intended to punish rebellious planets, carrying specialized equipment to allow for mass executions, destroy a planet's information infrastructure, reinforce a planetary garrison, or completely destroying a world's population if necessary. The observation module allows for long-range espionage, carrying hundreds of probe droids, and is employed in observation actions from just outside the border of enemy territory. The rescue module is used to assist in the aftermath of a large space battle, with cargo space being used to store repair parts for starships and house up to 2,130 technicians and 140 doctors. Typically, a ship with a rescue module would be paired with a hospital ship, for obvious reasons. The survey module is designed for rapid planetary and system exploration operations; utilizing its complement of airspeeders and droids, it is capable of analyzing a planet for natural resources and colony sites within a single standard day. It is also capable of plotting potential hyperlanes from the survey location to the major galactic trade routes.