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The Republican Boloball Association (RBA) is the governing body of the sport of boloball within the New Republic's borders. Its board of trustees decides if any rules need to be changed and approves of any incoming teams. Its chairman Roga McBea was responsible for the sport's introduction to the New Republic.


Aurebesh version of the official sheld of the RBA
The RBA sheild

The RBA was started by New Republican citizen, Roga McBea, former manager of the IBL Season one Champion Dorin Sultans. Roga McBea saw an abscence of a large sports league in the New Republic and created the RBA as a way for all Republican citizens to complete through friendly competition. With the success of the IBL during his time in the Galactic Empire, Roga believed a similar system could work in the New Republic. With the approval of the morale department of the NR, ARGH!!!, the RBA was created on Y15 D138.


The type of boloball used in the RBA is known colloquially as "Republican-rules" or "Rebel-rules" boloball and uses a white and black boloball with petagons and hexagons covering the ball. Other rules are similar to that of the IBL such as the field dementions and number of players permitted on the field. Three points are awarded when a team wins, one point for a draw and zero points when a team loses a match. The RBA divides its history into seasons because sponsors can change season-to-season.


Season One

The inaugural season, the RBA instantly was a hit with New Republicans. It was divided into two divisions: the Starfighter Command Champions League (SFC Champions League) and the Ubrikkian Industries Republican Division (UI Division). The winner of the SFC Champions League was annouced as the RBA Champion and recived the RBA Champions Trophy It also hosted a bracket of teams competing for the Kerdos Cup. The winner recieved the RBA Cup Trophy, the most coveted trophy of the RBA.

Season one consisted of 15 teams:

  • Lexul Transporters (Roga McBea)
  • Kamino Kloners (Ko Las)
  • Koobi LandSharks (Jin Solas)
  • Arkanis Argonauts (Kam Virai)
  • Kashyyyk Night Hunters (Miles Betta)
  • Sluis Slashrats (Eli Descartes)
  • Coruscanti Corellia Crusaders (Cal-Wan Voidrunner)
  • Callaghan Rangers (John Callaghan)
  • Callos Sharks (Angast Baham Atomlast)
  • Triton Dynamics (Popara Anjiliac)
  • Mayagil Maulers Bestine Pod Racers (Gamba Jaboli) (Wolfgang von Schlavendorf)
  • Tatooine Mos Eisley Sandcrawlers (Het Patchateeka)
  • Luna Wolves (Novia Lupa)
  • Togoria Rakkons (Aaron Koon)
  • Razor Cats (Jak Bexel) (Jorus Serto)

The SFC Champions League consisted of the following 8 teams:

  • Arkanis Argonauts
  • Callaghan Rangers
  • Callos Sharks
  • Luna Wolves
  • Bestine Pod Racers
  • Razor Cats
  • Mos Eisley Sandcrawlers
  • Togoria Rakkons

The UI Division consisted of the following 7 teams:

  • Lexul Transporters
  • Kashyyyk Night Hunters
  • Sluis Slashrats
  • Koobi LandSharks
  • Kamino Kloners
  • Corellia Crusaders
  • Triton Dynamics

League Standings

Starfighter Command Champions League
Place Team GP W D L GF-GA Diff P
1 Tatooine Sandcrawlers 14 10 2 2 20-6 14 32
2 Callaghan Rangers 14 10 1 3 41-22 19 31
3 Arkanis Argonauts 14 9 1 4 36-17 19 28
4 Togoria Rakkoons 14 5 2 7 15-27 -12 17
5 Mayagil Maulers 14 5 1 8 23-30 -7 16
6 Callos Stars 14 4 2 8 26-29 -3 14
7 Razor Cats 14 4 1 9 24-34 -10 13
8 Luna Wolves 14 3 2 9 10-30 -20 11