Rex Zev

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Rex Zev
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Born Year 4, Day 289
Languages Basic, Honoghran
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.1 meters
Weight 66 kilograms
Coloring Dark gray
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Zero Gravity


Born on Year 4 Day 289, Rex grew up poor and orphaned. Because he had no known family he had no connection to any clan. The lack of connection allowed him to act and travel freely, as long as he could walk there. The problem with not being in a clan is that Rex was not able to receive support. Lacking the funds to do anything else, he went to a small town and did any task available to make some money to survive. He set up a small shelter on the roof of an old warehouse and spent the nights there.

Afraid that he would run out of money, he went to a nearby city and snuck into an academy. There he learned how to fly small ships. One day when he returned to his town he stopped to look at some ships for sale. Unfortunately one of his friends saw him and started wondering why a kid with barely any money is looking to buy ships. The next day his friend followed him to the academy but got stopped by one of the guards. Later that day Rex's friend confronted him and told him that if he gives him notes from the mechanics class he would not rat him out to the academy. Rex managed to talk his friend into paying him for each set of notes.

After a few years, Rex saved up enough money to buy an old ship from a retired pilot. Using his new ship, he left his home planet to explore the galaxy. After quickly getting lost due to an outdated map and no destination he stared tinkering with the radio in the ship. After a day of static and silly songs Rex connected to the GNS. Not knowing anyone on his home planet with a radio, he left his past life behind to start a new life in space.

Soon after fixing the radio, he started to receive a few recruitment messages. On Year 22 Day 293 he joined Zero Gravity. Receiving a few credits, he landed on a planet and bought a new map. While he was there, he also bought a ship that was much better suited for travel. Arriving at Zero Gravity, Rex quickly picked up mining and prospecting.