Reyus Pelateyn

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Reyus Pelateyn
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Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
House Pelateyn
Mother Lady Reyana Pelateyn
Father Lord Korlyan Pelateyn, née Kastana
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year 2 (21 years)
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Weight Slim, mesomorph
Coloring Medium
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Turquoise
Political Information
Affiliation The Resistance

Reyus Pelateyn comes from an old and distinguished Alderaanian family. He was born on the planet of Alderaan in Year 2, and he grew up in the city of Aldera. As his parents were mid-ranking members of Alderaan's aristocracy, Reyus was primarily raised by highly-qualified but emotionally distant caretakers and private educators. While he became well-versed in the art of diplomacy and commerce, he craved the emotional connection that his surroundings failed to provide, and thus throughout his childhood Reyus would often run away from his family's estate to mingle with the common folk of Aldera. After he completed his education at the University of Alderaan, his lack of connection with his family culminated in Reyus leaving his homeworld to pursue his own path and future. His sympathy for those who opposed the Galactic Empire and its cabal of associates resulted in Reyus joining The Resistance shortly thereafter.


Early Life (Year 2 - Year 23)

Reyus Emilyan Pelateyn was born on the Core World of Alderaan in the final months of Year 2. His mother was Lady Reyana Pelateyn, the heiress of an old but small Alderaanian noble family, while his father was Lord Korlyan Kastana, who had adopted his wife's family name upon their marriage. The Pelateyn scion grew up at his family's estate in Alderaan's capital city of Aldera, where he was raised primarily by well-paid caretakers and private educators who attended to his personal, social, and academic upbringing. His parents were largely preoccupied with furthering their careers and standing within Alderaan's aristocratic society, and thus Reyus saw his mother and father regularly but infrequently, which resulted in a formal and distant relationship between the parents and their only child.

The distant relationship with his mother and father caused Reyus to adopt and develop a more rebellious nature, especially during his early teenage years. During that time, he would often seek to escape the confines of his family's estate and seek kinship among the common folk of Aldera in secret. The Pelateyn scion would often hide his origins and seek to form connections with his peers in the city, joining in their activities and socialising with them as an equal. He managed to maintain this double life for a number of years, until his family's staff uncovered the truth and reported it to Lady Reyana. This revelation deepened the rift that had already existed between the young Alderaanian and his parents, and damaged their relations irreversibly.

At the age of eighteen, Reyus was sent to the University of Aldera to continue and complete his education in politics, diplomacy and commerce. During this time, one of the friends he had made during his many escapades into Alderaan's capital city became his lover. This was a young Alderaanian man named Beyron Cergio who also came to attend the same university as Reyus did. The two shared a close and intimate relationship, which is something that the Pelateyn scion lacked throughout his childhood, namely a close connection with another person. Yet, the relationship only lasted for a year, as Beyron Cergio carried a deep-seeted sympathy for the cause of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire and left Alderaan to join up with their cause. Beyron had asked Reyus to leave their homeworld with him, but the latter refused as he still carried a sense of loyalty and duty to his family, and the future they had planned for him. The parting left the Pelateyn scion deeply disillusioned with his family and their will, which deepened over the two years that followed during which Reyus finished his academic education. As a result, and inspired by Beyron's example, the young Alderaanian finally made his disillusionment with his family known to them, and broke off all contact with them when he left his homeworld of Alderaan to forge his own future and destiny in Year 23. As his sympathies for those who fought the tyranny of Imperial rule in the galaxy had blossomed over the years, and especially due to his relationship with Beyron, Reyus joined up with The Resistance that same year.

In The Resistance (Year 23 - Present)

During the final months of Year 23, and at the age of twenty-one, Reyus joined the secretive military force known as The Resistance, and their struggle against the Imperial Union as a member of the Galactic Alliance.


Reyus is a gregarious and sympathetic man who likes to make friends with everyone. He does not shy away from starting a conversation with a stranger, and he appears to have a natural likeable aura about him. Due to his upbringing, he is a well-spoken individual with an academic and educational background to match his eloquence. Yet, despite his aristocratic origins, he does not carry himself with a sense of superiority or air of arrogance, and treats those he meets or forms deeper contacts with as an equal. He easily empathises with others, be they sentient or non-sentient, and thus also has a deeply sensitive side to his otherwise optimistic and cheerful disposition.

During his puberty, Reyus discovered that he was sexually attracted to both men and women, and thus he identifies as bisexual. As such, during his adolescent years he had brief liaisons with individuals from both genders, yet the only long-term and meaningful relationship which he had thus far was with a fellow Alderaanian man named Beyron Cergio. It was this relationship that reaffirmed Reyus' sympathies for the plight of those who oppose the Imperial rule of the Galactic Empire and its cabal of associates over the galaxy, and a sense of duty to stand up for those who are unable to defend themselves. Reyus and Beyron did not meet again, or rekindle any romantic feelings for each other, and the Pelateyn scion is currently single.

As a result of his cold and distant relationship with his parents, Reyus left his family behind on Alderaan while pursuing his own future and ambitions. This is also a part of his subtle but undeniably present rebellious nature, and to challenge what he considers as cruelty or injustice. He is more than capable of falling into line or obeying commands, yet his sense of morality is a well-developed one, and a strong guiding compass in his life which dictates the decisions he makes and the path he chooses to follow.


Reyus Pelateyn is a male Alderaanian of 1.82 meters, and he has a slim mesomorph body type with a medium complexion. He styles his blonde hair in a casual and charming upward-sideways style, and he maintains a carefully trimmed stubble that accentuates his sharp and broad jawline. He has handsome chiselled facial features and a turquoise eye colour which is a common physical characteristic among Pelateyn family members. He has a small healed but visible scar on the side of the face right next to his left eye, which he gained during one of his escapades during his youth. His general appearance suggests Reyus is in his early twenties.

The Alderaanian can often be seen wearing all kinds of jackets and shirts with either dark leather trousers or various styles of jeans. Yet, he has one trusty leather jacket that he had purchased on Alderaan right before he left his homeworld, and which is a reminder of his rebellion against his family and his newly gained freedom and independence to pursue his own path. As a result, Reyus counts the jacket among his favourite pieces of clothing.

Reyus' trusty leather jacket.