Rift Alliance and Galactic Alliance Challenge an Inept Imperial Union, Loedorvian Celebrations, Imperial Incompetence and other Top Stories!

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Posted by: Grevendar Togl - Faction: The Krath Dynasty

Date: Year 17 Day 138 Onboard the MC-80b KMS Swordbearer in system Derra (71, -166).

-Krath News, Derra IV, Year 17 Day 138-


Rift Alliance and Galactic Alliance fleets revert from Hyperspace in the Derra system

While the galaxy expects Imperial propaganda to be complete fabrications, rarely have they been so blatant as in the last weeks and months. Our network was invited by the Krath Military to cover the biggest allied event recorded since records began in the Kira CW sector. We spoke to Lord Commander Grev'endar'togl be Ar'Klim onboard the KMS Swordbearer in orbit of Derra IV.

Krath News: Lord Commander, thank you for inviting us.

Grevendar Togl: It is my pleasure. We in the Rift Alliance and the Galactic Alliance are tired of the usual Imperial sob stories and want their poor citizens to rejoice in the freedom shared by so many sentients in the galaxy.

KN: Perhaps you could tell us why we are here, in orbit of a planet that has been the site of a battle that both sides historically claimed victory on?

GT: Claim is the appropriate word. The Imperials brigades were massacred here after letting their allied forces form a rampart of their own dead and still they laid claim to victory, their assertions were complete lies. Citizens of Derra IV rejoiced when we arrived, overjoyed to see the defenders of old return in memory of comrades lost and freedom upheld.

KN: The Empire doubtless has a response and will likely blame you, the officer who allegedly presided in the biggest cover up of military personnel stagnation in living memory. Are these charges true?

GT: The charges are absolutely false, they were made after a transmission from the Corporate Alliance, I don't see a link between Krath staffing and a whole alliance refurbishing a lost fleet. There are 20 Krath military officers on Derra IV right now, better trained than the enemy and equal to 3 Imperial fleets in numbers. The truth is that the Empire is a joke, the leadership should have been sent into retirement years ago and in some cases they were.

I pity Seele, the effects of age clearly came early for him. He has never been the same since Derra where he ran away and had to read reports of defeat after defeat. His capture, ransom and subsequent exile heightened matters before being forcibly conscripted and pushed from one position to another. I offer Seele the services of a medical centre for convalesence staffed by the best doctors of the Eriadu Authority where he can spend his days in peace with his remaining faculties.

KN: Your response is to effectively accuse the entire Imperial command of gross incompetence. Do you have any proof?

GT: We can head to the surface where you can see officers of the Rift Alliance, with more arriving every day. There is no Imperial presence on the planet, directly contradicting a statement given in a broadcast on Yr 14 Day 175, from which address I quote: "The Empire will not be retreating from here" (http://galarchives.swc-empire.com/index.php?title=Derra,_Spem_Novam_(GNS)). Ever since we forced the Empire to leave the planet in peace by sounding a public retreat, the Empire has never returned yet our forces have conducted regular patrols there. The Empire are so incompetent they failed to realise they left an unmanned and empty Lucrehulk in orbit, which is now guarded by 3 MC80B battlecruisers. The Tresarians have returned on occasion but were soundly defeated each time. The Tresarians are more truthful than the Imperials, leaving a Strike Cruiser in orbit whose transponder reads 'TMS Honour the Fallen'.

If the Empire 'does not retreat' then where are they? Alternately, if they are so 'powerful' then they will come and dispute our 'lies'. If the Empire does not arrive and tries a propaganda response, their cowardice and lies are exposed for the galaxy to see. If they are winners of the last conflict then why avoid a chance to defeat two alliances, kill our troops and humiliate us? Let the galaxy judge for themselves.

KN: Two alliances?

GT: Yes, both the Rift Alliance and the Galactic Alliance are here with a operational force exceeding 80 officers, a strength we mobilised without the slightest difficulty and double the what we mobilised as a Galactic Alliance during our victory in Year 14. We all deliver what we say. Joint command under Operation Commander Echuu Shen-Jon, on time and prepared. We have things planned that simply make us deadlier.

KN: Thank you Lord Commander.

Following the interview, we accompanied the normally calm Chiss to the Western City of Derra IV, where he made an impassioned speech to both residents and allied forces, from which we quote the final section:

We challenge the Imperial Union! In the face of a crumbling Imperial High Command and with strong bonds of comradeship between both Rift and Galactic Alliances, we renew our joint declaration that the Galactic Empire shall fall along with all those in their Imperial Union who prop up a failing high command! The citizens of Derra celebrate as their liberation three years ago is remembered with those who fought for it.

In the name of the Heroes of Derra IV, I challenge those who lost to us, ran and hid in shame! I challenge Bill Maxwell, Edward Canfield and Graeda Lannan. Urkh Malal challenges Seele, Echuu Shen-Jon challenges Guinar Ndengin, Peter Max challenges Kevin Wolff and we challenge all who would stand between us and these cowards.

In the name of the freedom both alliances hold sacred, we remind the galaxy on this day 3 years on that freedom of Derra IV still rings out, a message of hope to the Core Worlds! A message that we shall never abandon or let die! In the name of the Galactic Alliance, in the name of the Rift Alliance and in the name of freedom itself, here we stand and here we shall overcome once more!"

As the celebrations continued, each attendee was given a souvenir from the original Derra IV conflict, of which there were several different ones. Krath News was given one portraying Imperial cowardice and commemorating the hospitalisation of Moff Bill Maxwell.

Krathgnsy17d138 1.png

Commemorative Image 1/4

In other news, citizens in the Core regions rejoiced to see Loedorvia vote to continue democracy by electing officials from the Krath Dynasty to represent them. The new planetary Governor thanked officials and leaders of TIEFE for their committed work and dedication to the development and protection of freedom in the Core. Planetary residents were in such a mood to celebrate that the first act of the new governor was to announce a 3 day planetary holiday to celebrate the Galactic Alliance and in particular TIEFE.

In the Outer Core, developments on Deko Nemoidia have attracted further interest from Nemoidia itself as the world continues to grow into a powerhouse of financial services. Sister planet Cato Nemoidia has also attracted significant numbers of non-human refugees seeking a life of freedom and prosperity. In the Outer Rim, recycling efforts by Veril Line Systems have renovated and transformed several ageing areas of Dalicron-1, preparing the ground for new developments aimed at the higher standards expected by workers at the Dalicron Shipyards. Polis Massa joyfully welcomed an increase Krath presence in the system that brings additional investment into existing infrastructure.

We leave you with the news that Grev'endar'togl and Deissa Togl (maiden name unknown) have announced plans for a ritual marriage conducted by the Order of Krath. While the date and time have not yet been announced, the potential attendee list has dignitaries from across the free worlds. While rumours of a ceremony on Exocron have been circulating in the past weeks, the venue itself is not yet known. Rumours of a Mandalorian priest who converted to Krath and intends to perform the ceremony have neither been confirmed or denied.