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Rik Noiz was born into a primitive village deep in the mountains of Bakura-7 in the spring of Year -13. His parents had chosen to distance themselves from the modern metropolises that speckled the planet, some years before. Bondon Noiz, Rik's father, lead an effort to grow and study the medicinal effects of Nova Grass. The local government of Bakura-7 did not recognize Nova Grass as having legitimate medicinal value, and in fact growing the plant species was criminalized. The research co-op was forced to retreat to the wilderness far from the reach of the establishment where they could continue their work in peace.

Rik's childhood was not the typical one most Avancian younglings experienced. Growing up in the bush allowed him to embrace his connection to the environment around him, without being distracted by the ever constant noise and distractions big city life provided. Modern technology was not prevalent within the woods, Rik quickly learned to use what was available. He could be found often foraging through wreckage trying to salvage things to improve his every-day life.

Winds of Change

By Year 3, the Nova Grass research commune had grown immensely. Regulations on Nova Grass treatment had been progressively getting more tolerant, and a break-through in extraction process allowed the highest quality and yielding plant specimens to date. Unfortunately this caught the interest of a local swoop bike gang, who planned on gaining control of the commune to supply the recreational drug demand. The village was attacked late one night, all the leading elders were murdered, including Rik's parents. All who were not killed were enslaved and forced to pledge allegiance to the criminal organization or die themselves. Those that chose life, we're either placed back on the farm to produce product for illegal purposes, or sent to the streets as enforcers.

Having lost his family, and refusing to have anything to do with the gang that murdered his parents, Rik attempted to escape heading deep into the Bakura-7 wilderness. His connection with nature allowed him to elude the swoop gang's attempt to track him down. It is unknown if Rik had assistance during his disappearance, but no record exists until Year 14.

Jump to The Stars

Rik Noiz was not heard from for 11 years. In Year 14 he emerged from the wilderness. Fit and lean from spending a decade without processed foods. His breathing apparatus was now replaced with a recycled and modified gas mask, clothing made of animal leather. His time on Bakura-7 had come to an end, and now it was time to seek the next chapter in his life, and leave his past behind. Having neither ship nor credits, Rik searched for an exit of the planet. It took him a while to get used to society after being separated from it for so long, but after a few days he had earned enough money to catch a shuttle to Endor.

Shortly after Noiz arrived, he took a job as a dish washer in the Endor Spire Bar and Grill. Rik was hoping to find his purpose in the vast city of Endor, but big city life was killing Rik. He longed for the wide open realm of space, and had came to the realization that Endor would just be another stop until he had enough credits to move on. The Endor Spire was owned by House Soyak-Ikron. Noiz would watch as galactic nobles lead by Lord Navik Ikron come and go shaping galactic politics along the way.

During this time, the Avance Coalition fell into political civil war. The decade of prosperity for TAC ended with the government being ripped into two. One half split and formed the Kingdom Of Elysia. The other half merged with the now neutral Trade Federation. Noiz had made friends on both sides through his work at the Endor Spire, but at the time going to work for a government or "Kingdom" did not sound very appealing. By chance, Lord Navik Ikron offered him a way off Endor, and a chance at something new. Rik was recruited as a mercenary for The Wraiths, a long standing Merc faction with historic ties to Avance.

The Wraiths

The Wraiths were going through some major leadership and ownership changes when Noiz joined their ranks. Lord Navik Ikron now owned The Wraiths, and they were truly independent minus a series of support agreements made with the Trade Federation. Hortator Eff Kaar had recently taken the reigns as leader and The Jensaarai had been added as the newest battle-group lead by Jen`taral Xrati Zee.

Rik became very close to Eff and Zee. Their thought processing worked very similar and they were able to complete a massive amount of projects that had been neglected in previous years. Before long, Rik was in charge of all Wraith productions. Spanning multiple systems and sectors, Rik and Zee were able to bring online the shipyards and factories that had sat idle for so long through an impressive array of material network and planning.

The Trade Federation

After the merge of TAC and TF, Lord Navik Ikron was given a seat on the cabinet of the Viceroy. His time involved with the Wraiths had dwindled. Hortator Kaar had suddenly left on a quest and had not been heard from for some time. He would find himself deep in thought drifting through space longing for the camaraderie he once had. It was a few months later, that he gave his resignation to Navik and said his goodbyes to Zee and the Jensaarai.

The Trade Federation welcomed him with open arms and he was excited to start his new career. He was placed in the Ministry of Production producing ships. Rik is currently a Journeyman shipbuilder of Rendili Stardrive and serves as a Clerk in External Affairs.

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Journeyman [E-4]

Year 17 Day 49

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