Rina Waran

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Rina Waran
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Loxizhra, Polith System
Mother Yasmin Elora
Father Unknown
Born Year -18, Day 02
Died Year 14, Day 92
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Tex Navos

Dark Skies Gearworks

Prior Affiliation Felix Alterii

Rina Waran is a beautiful Thyferran who was abandoned as a child. Forced into a childhood of drug addiction at the hands of her master, she was brought up in the criminal underbelly to smuggle and kill at the demands of others. Harnessing sexual relationships at a young age, she learnt to use her body as a tool to complete her operations, a tool that allowed her to eventually break free from her shackles of slavery and create a life for herself. While close relationships have been few and far between, the ones she managed to maintain each hold a special place in her heart as she works on quiet enterprises, away from the prying eyes of the authorities as a close friend and confidant of Tex Navos before her death by her friend's hand.

Forget Childhood

What a Great Start

Rina Waran was born prematurely to Yasmin Elora on Loxizhra, a warm climate planet in the Polith System. Due to the various addictions her mother suffered, and her inability to mother a child, Rina was abandoned at the Harishi Medical Facility outside the capital, and was cared for by the local authorities until the age of two. Several days after her second birthday, she was moved into the foster program and put up for adoption. Despite their best efforts, Rina was neglected by the many warm and loving families that wanted a child, and was instead smuggled out to a local slave trade undiscovered by the ruling Imperial authorities, and summarily doomed from having a regular childhood. While initially used as a tool to fool criminal checks and authoritative inspections until the age of seven, Rina was soon subjected to various drugs and hallucinogenics, creating an addiction to unwelcome substances that began to control her psyche, forcing her to partake in criminal activities. At such a young age she had no free will or understanding of authority and power, and thus followed her orders without question. The drugs had a foothold in her system, criminal enterprises and organisations had tasks for her to do, without the need to pay her any cash. She was owned, she was a slave, plain and simple.

While she was not alone in her pain, Rina didn't have a desire to make friends. After years of activity in the criminal world, she had built up a strong threshold for drugs and alcohol, and was able to muster murder and violence, and thus become a criminal enterprises desired tool. While many people her age were despised by her, she grew an affection for her handler, Felix Alterii, who had smuggled her out of the foster care system years before. While the fact was unknown to Rina, she became the right hand of Felix, doing anything he wanted, whether committing murder, mayhem, or spending the night in his bed. The attraction began from her twelfth birthday and only grew stronger through her sixteenth and seventieth birthdays. Often rough and stimulating encounters were shared between them, a desire welcomed by Rina as her proclivities and needs grew. When she wasn't pleasuring Felix, she was dispatched to nearby Imperial worlds to oversee an exchange, or execute a politician for looking to eagerly into her aligned criminal enterprise. While she enjoyed the clean nature of a long range with her personalised X-45 Sniper Rifle, she would occasionally change her motivations and sometimes get close to the victim, manipulating them with her body to draw them close, before injecting a cocktail of poisons to give them a slow, painful demise.


At the age of twenty her life was proceeding just as she desired. While she didn't know any other way to live, the drug addictions and enjoyments of alcohol had limited effects on her external appearance, allowing her to keep their effects internal and away from prying eyes. Despite an occasional, uncontrollable shaking from her left hand, Rina considered herself to be in excellent physical health, regardless of what a trained medical physician might believe. Midway through the second galactic year, Rina was dispatched by Felix to Tauber IV in the Polith System to oversee an Imperial political discussion and eliminate an attendee.

Imperial Monitoring Station Feed - Rina Waran - Captive.

After a number of hours scouting the area for a prime sniper placement, and overseeing the discussion, Rina identified her target and executed a perfect sniper shot from over five-hundred yards away. After dissembling her personalised X-45 Sniper Rifle, she began the hike to her Tri-Mark VII Interceptor, Alterii to commence her journey back to Loxizhra. Upon entering the cockpit, she placed her rifle case in the overhead compartment and sat down in the main pilots seat. As she toggled a number of controls, she felt a sharp pinch in her neck, followed by several thousand electronic volts from a CS-12 Stun Master, knocking her helplessly unconscious.

As she awoke, she soon realised the various restraints on her wrists and ankles, and the various interrogation droids hovering before her. Tortured for hours, all the Imperial interrogators wanted to know was information regarding where Rina sourced her personalised X-45 Sniper Rifle. Hours continued to pass as she was beaten by impatient soldiers and stabbed with various serums by interrogation droids. The same line of questions continued, and Rina began to question why there were no questions about her affiliation, associates and operation locations. As night began to fall, Rina had yet to break under interrogation, and was transferred to the medical wing of the undisclosed interrogation facility to ensure she remained alive and conscious for several hours so interrogation could soon resume. Temporarily free from her restraints, Rina was able to slide a small Laser Scalpel under her Imperial issued attire without alerting her captors through the surveillance feeds. As two stormtroopers collected her, to return her to interrogation, she slid the scalpel from under her sleeve and stabbed one guard under their helmet, before breaking the right arm of the other and slashing their throat with the blood covered scalpel. Alarms blaring throughout the facility, guards mobilising, and an unknown facility lay ahead for Rina. Crawling through a number of ventilation shafts and crawlspaces, she was able to navigate her way to a private office in the facility. Splicing into the Imperial protocols of a holoscreen took only moments using an Electronic Lock Breaker she found hidden in a desk draw. Bypassing the various algorithms and identifiers, Rina soon discovered she had been transported to Thracior II in the Botor Enclave Sector.

Intercepting a number of communications protocols, Rina identified the hidden matrices embedded inside each message, and was able to understand that Felix had passed on Rina's objectives to the Imperial authorities. With the understanding that being dead in the eyes of a criminal enterprise was more advantageous, Rina submitted a number of encrypted back to their point of origin, informing Felix of her demise at the hands of the Galactic Empire Imperial Security Bureau. Exiting the office, she manoeuvred her way to the Imperial Armoury in the station, subduing a number of guards in close combat in the process. As the various stormtroopers fell to the ground, each with their necks swiftly snapped, Rina smirked at her ease of execution, before recovering her personalised X-45 Sniper Rifle, and an incredibly sharp Rykk Blade from a storage locker. As she found her way to one of the docking ports, Rina snuck behind an Imperial officer and held the Rykk Blade to his throat. Gaining access to a Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing through the officers' protocols, she escorted him onboard to bypass the various checkpoints, and headed to the orbit of Thracior II. As they reached the orbit of the planet, Rina brushed her hand on the cheek of the Imperial Officer's face, ensuring him he would be safe, before smiling at him and forcing the Rykk Blade into his chest, impaling him. As the officer fell, leaving a trail of blood along the gunboat wall, and a pool on the floor, Rina returned to the cockpit with the desire of returning one final time to Loxizhra, to sever ties with Felix permanently.

Clear the Ledger

The Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing landed on Loxizhra, seamlessly blending into several Imperial patrols above the planet, and accessing the relevant landing protocols to get access to a secluded port. Entering the cargo hold of the vessel, Rina collected a number of Frame Charge explosive devices, and set them at various points throughout the ship. Collecting her new Rykk Blade and personalised X-45 Sniper Rifle, she began her hike to the mountains above Felix's facility. After several hours, she arrived at a secluded vantage point, surrounded by trees and shrubs, adding to her cover. Opening the rifle case, she soon assembled the rifle with relative ease and began to aim it towards the facility. While the primary headquarters of the criminal enterprise were a fortress, Rina knew that Felix spent a great deal of his time in his private palace on the planet, regularly sampling fine alcohol on his bedroom balcony. Steadying her breathing, Rina aimed down the sight of the rifle, placing a beam between Felix's eyes. Smiling, she reached into her pants pocket and removed a private communicator, and hailed Felix under a blocked handle. As he answered, Rina relayed a simple message, one of frustration and anger towards him, before she pulled the trigger and watched through the sight of the rifle as a pool of Felix's blood splashed across his balcony from a gaping head wound. Satisfied with the outcome, Rina placed the rifle in its case and crawled through the shrubbery, gaining access to Felix's private docking bay, and his prized Kom'rk Transport. Finally leaving the planet to begin a life of her own accord, she reached into her pocket and removed a detonator and engaged it before throwing it aside, causing the stolen Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing to disintegrate, removing her part in the execution on an Imperial officer, leaving her free and clear to start fresh, just before her twenty-first birthday.

Life Starts Again

Get the Ball Rolling

Several days passed, her twenty-first birthday came and went, and yet Rina remained in the vast expanse of space looking for direction. All previous allegiances had abandoned her, clients were non existent, and she had executed the only person she could live with. Having syphoned off a small cache of credits and using the various goods and resources Felix had stocked aboard his personal Kom'rk Transport, Rina decided to move into a more secluded area of space, settling on the moon Colla IV B in the Ktilac Regions. While controlled by the Trade Federation government, security was minimal on the moon which meant she could lie low and consolidate herself. Communicating with merchants over various parts of the galaxy, Rina began to source drugs and goods to satisfy her various addictions, while getting her name abroad with assignments and clients.

Seduction can be a powerful tool to an assassin.

To pass the time and rebuild her reputation, Rina stalked and kidnapped various Trade Federation delegates. Some were ransomed for exorbitant amounts of credits, others were executed in a number of merciless ways. While she enjoyed the credits, Rina would open seek more lust and passion from a kill, either at long range with her rifle, or slicing a defenceless politician with her Rykk Blade. Her preferred method was to seduce the target with her looks, allowing them to return to her facility and experience some pleasure, before Rina summarily executed them slowly with her favourite blade. Each time she received such enjoyment from it, the sex was simply a bonus. Each movement of her blade in a helpless individual always brought a smile to her face, and the splash of blood onto intoxicated her further.

Over the next few years Rina remained a constant nuisance to the Trade Federation authorities, abducting delegates both from within their government as well as foreign delegates, creating various diplomatic incidents. Her reputation for success and meticulous attention to detail got her noticed throughout all corners of the galaxy, eventually allowing her to take a greater number of contracts on. With each new contract came a large sum of credits, as well as a large bounty of alcohol, drugs and other various proclivities that she enjoyed. As the operations became more frequent and intense, Rina decided to recruit two associates, Yuri Fuix and Kinara Vorsh, whom she trained in her arts of assassination to ensure her reputation remained respected, and also allowed her to be in several places at once. Yuri was always a short tempered Chiss, an attitude that Rina nurtured to her advantage, while Kinara was a gorgeous Twi'lek who operated in a similar fashion to Rina herself. While Yuri maintained a long range approach to her assignments, Kinara loved getting close to her targets. Her ability to stalk a target was legendary, and her ability to swiftly execute them was even greater. When not out on assignment the three grew close, regularly training to sharpen the skills, and when they wasn't part of the agenda they regularly slept with each other, sometimes separately, other occurrences they all shared a bed. The relationships were constantly nurtured and manipulated by Rina to ensure harmony, but primarily to ensure productivity and effectiveness in their work.

As their operations continued to grow, Rina invested in a small Asteroid Hideout which she constructed just outside the Ktilac Regions in the vastness of unexplored space.

Kinara Vorsh and Yuri Fuix - The Prodigies.

This served as her central control facility to oversee operations. Eliminating outside communication, Rina could remain in complete solitude to maintain her reputation while she dispatched Yuri and Kinara to complete various assassinations and hauling operations for alcohol and drug shipments. The arrangement continued will into Rina's twenty-eighth year in the galaxy, allowing her resources and relationships to grow to extravagance, while keeping her skills not only attuned, but respected. Tragedy hit Rina abruptly when a miscalculation in an operation caused Kinara to detonate a number of Frame Charge explosive devices. While the charges brought down the facility and executed the assigned target, Kinara failed to leave enough time for Yuri to extract from the building, causing him to also die in the blast. Distraught, Kinara returned home to Rina and relayed the news. Heartbroken at Kinara's miscalculation and failure, Rina held Kinara close in an embrace. As tears streamed down her cheeks, Rina's facial expressions soon turned from sadness to anger as she began to smother Kinara against her. As the helpless Twi'lek tried desperately to gasp for air, Rina held her tightly, suffocating her for her failure. Saddened by the turn of events, Rina lay Kinara's body on the floor of the Asteroid Hideout and spent a number of hours just staring at the beautiful corpse that lay in her gaze. With her operations failing around her, Rina consolidated her resources and placed what she could on her Kom'rk Transport, before setting an array of Frame Charges around the station. As she undocked from the station, Rina travelled several meters away from the station and watched from the cockpit as her station exploded into oblivion at the touch of her detonator. With her associates gone, she now faced a new path once again.

Now What

Over the next two years Rina found herself cruising from planet to planet. She had no aspirations to incorporate again, instead found herself fist fighting in alleys behind bars and causing trouble throughout Trade Federation space. Infiltrating various corners of their borders, Rina found herself one day on Vorsia III in a drunken state. Drowning Ale's like she had a death wish, she soon stumbled towards the bathroom, hitting a Kuati female in the process. Frustrated and angered due to the alcohol, she threw a punch at the female, who briskly dodged the blow and forced Rina onto her back, hitting her into the floor and knocking her unconscious. As Rina awoke, she found herself in a strange vessel in space. Collecting a small belt from a closet, she walked slowly towards the cockpit, wanting answers as to her current situation. As she reached the cockpit door, the unknown female spoke and told her to relax. Spinning around in central cockpit chair, the woman introduced herself to Rina as Tex Navos, a Kuati female who had been in similar circumstances to herself. Rina relaxed and lay her back against the hallway, trying to overcome a raging hangover while trying to recall previous events. Tex escorted her back towards the main living area where she outlined how they first met. Rina shrugged at her actions, not wanting to apologise, which was only appreciated by Tex. She didn't want an apology, or need one for that matter, Tex just wanted her to calm down. It took Rina little time to identify in Tex and understand that they were essentially the same. As Tex told her own stories of assassination, imprisonment, drug and sex addiction, Rina simply smiled and identified with the kindred spirit. For many hours they shared stories about their own personal histories before Rina became overcome with emotion and launched herself on Tex, creating an increasingly sexual endeavour for the rest of the evening.

Over the next few months and years, they grew close. While their private relationship is of a casual and enjoying nature, they remain the most trusted allies to each other. Tex showed Rina her home, including what life was like inside Dark Skies Gearworks on Vorsia Companion. With no allegiances or desires to create a new organisation, Rina joined Tex in recycling operations and even went so far as to ink herself in the Dark Skies logo, just above her left breast. Admired and respected by Tex, she invited her to remain, allowing her to serve as a confidant, aide and assistant when required. Appreciative of the gesture, Rina agreed and found herself spending a large amount of her time at Tex's side as she worked with Lilith Delcroix inside Dark Skies Gearworks. Still addicted to drugs and alcohol, Rina continued with the urge to remain clean and sober, but it was a desire Tex shared, and together they continue to combat their personal dilemmas as they work together as close friends and confidants.

Poor Choice of Words

Tex had begun a private, open relationship with Lilith Delcroix while working within Dark Skies Gearworks, and Rina had never seen her happier. Her performance was up and for perhaps the first time, she seemed at peace in Rina's eyes. Unexpectedly after a short time in the relationship, Lilith had decided to resume a closed relationship with another, something Tex was immense frustrated and saddened by, given her own agenda. While trying to understand more about what had occurred, Rina continued to ask Tex numerously prying questions, some of a very personal nature. Visibly distraught and unwilling to answer, Tex shrugged off the questions and wanted some privacy, however Rina persisted. With a lack of answers coming to her, Rina began to hurl insults towards both Tex and Lilith, exclaiming that any such relationship was doomed from the outset and that Lilith was insignificant. Enraged at Rina's comments, Tex punched Rina in the right cheek which soon fuelled into a brawl. The two skilled fighters fought, casting aside friendship as their anger grew, striking each other repeatedly. While Rina was able to dislocate Tex's left shoulder, Tex was able to capture Rina in a tight headlock, cutting off her air supply. As Rina gasped for air and tried to calm Tex down, Tex simply gripped tighter, screaming at Rina for speaking ill of Lilith. Encapsulated in rage, Tex grip only tightened around Rina's neck more and more, and Rina soon began to breathe her last few breathes, before her eyes rolled back in her head and her eyelids closed, as her last breathe escaped her body.

As Tex released her tight grip, Rina's motionless body fell to the ground. Disgusted at the friendship she once held with Rina, Tex hoisted the corpse over her right shoulder and carried it out of her assigned BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, the [DSG] Hephaestus. Slowly moving due to the wounds caused by Rina, Tex placed the body of her previous friend and confidant in an abandoned EVS Construction Droid she had abandoned after it malfunctioned on assignment. Sealing the droid cockpit, Tex climbed down a ladder to the ground of the planet Ktil V in the Ktilac Regions and smashed her left shoulder against the body of the droid, knocking her dislocated shoulder back into place. Exposing several wires from one of the droids legs, Tex initiated a short circuit and casually walked away from the droid, before it imploded on itself, disintegrating the corpse of the once beautiful Rina Waran.