Robert Gunns

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Robert Gunns
Biographical Information
Race Whiphid
Homeworld Rodia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings None
Children None
Born c. Year -12
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Unknown
Hair Color Gray/White
Eye Color Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Mil/Sci Industries, Gunns Industries
Rank Junior Craftsman, Founder and CEO (respectively)
Prior Affiliation Southern Rim Free Trade Association,Tion Mil/Sci,Tion Hegemony

Robert Gunns is a Whiphid male who currently leads Gunns Industries - Mining.


Not much is known about Roberts appearance as he is only ever seen in his distinctive white suit.


Nothing is known of Roberts past before Y14 D143 when he received his pilots license on Rodia. Although Rodia is not Roberts home world it is the only reference to his past. On day 145 of year 14 Robert took up a job with the Southern Rim Free Trade Association. Robert was engaged in building facilities and cities for them but longed for something else. Something which eventually took him across the galaxy in search of Tion Mil/Sci Industries. On day 248 of year 14 Robert handed in his notice at SRFTA and once the he had cleared TMSI's background check on day 249 he was officially employed again.

During Roberts time with Tion Mil/Sci Industries he has had a variety of tasks including:

  • Ship Building
  • Transporation
  • Resource Managment
  • and many more

On day 17 of year 15 Robert opened his first shipyard in deep space and added a second on day 86. However during this time Robert became more and more focused on his dream of running and owning his on faction. This lead him to start the unincorporated company Gunns Industries. From nothing Robert has built Gunns Industries up to a value well exceeding 300 million credits and which launched into a full mining faction on Year 15 Day 174.


The ship prefixes used by Robert are [Gunns] for his personal ships and G.I.S for Gunns Industries ships.