Robertii Pengulinii

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Robertii Pengulinii
Biographical Information
Race Pengauani
Homeworld Jabiim
Mother Unknown †
Father Beneditii Jong Pengulinii †
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Unknown
Height 0.46 meters
Coloring Black, Orange, White
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Jabiim Consortium
Rank The Big Leader
Positions Magistrate of Lythia (self-proclaimed)
Prior Affiliation Lythian Pirates

Robertii Pengulinii or The Big Leader as it self entitles and prefers to be addressed is one of the last remnants of the old Lythian Pirates Empire.

Lythian Flag

Soon after the liberation of Jabiim and the founding of the Jabiim Consortium 'Pengu' locks himself on his palace in the city of Lythia and self proclaimed the building has is own sovereign self sufficient government. Not much is known about the life within the walls of the palace or whats going on inside but it is of common knowledge around the planet that 'Pengu' likes to spend time adorning himself with luxury items and throwing huge parties for himself.

There has been rumors on the Galactic News Services about 'Pengu' being the only biological creature leaving within the Palace walls and that he keeps a populace of service droids without proper lubrication and maintenance.

Early Years

'Pengu' was raised inside the old walls of the Lythian Palace eluded by the words of his father who feed his imagination about a world outside of the walls that doesn't quite always reflected the truth. From the first day he hathed from the egg Pengu has indoctrinated to lead the Lythian populace as their true leader, savior and even divine entity.


THE BIG LEADER propaganda posters are a common sight all over the Lythian city.

Pengu enourmous influence in the city of Lythia is due to the family inheritance of the Alazhi Farms Monopoly which he still today conducts and controls with an iron fist. The Alazhi farms are populate and exhaustively farmed by an 'army' of droids who work themselves to overheating and in some cases explosion, although these are all claims The Big Leader denies and points as fake propaganda by the hives lower levels.

It is suspected 'Pengu' has operated a smuggling ring of Alazhi off planet, breaking Jabiim Consortium trade agreements and quotas. Some experts speculate that 'Pengulinii Cartel' (A tabloid title of the operation) has diverted millions in the black market supplying alazhi to other governments, pirates and a so called private corporation known as the Institute.


Due to being the last of this kind has turned 'Pengu' into a paranoid and very self-protective person, so much that he doesn't trust any biological creature to work or even stay near him. He ensures only droids work within the domains of the Palace and Alazhi farms.

The other Jabiim Magistrates and even the own Governor ignore the fact of his self proclaimed title of Magistrate of Lythia and the Northwestern regions has they don't seem to deem Pengu as a threat to planetary security. The Magistratorium still has an empty dedicated space as a matter of good faith for this self proclaimed Magistrate who due to his paranoia never ventured out of metropolis for any political meetings.

Pengu overseeing the hives in the city of Lythia from the balcony of his palace.