Roeg`eri Csapla

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Roeg`eri Csapla
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Kas`ara`Csapla
Father Tresk`ode`Csapla
Siblings Unknown
Born Year -17
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Coloring Cobalt Blue
Eye Color Crimson
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile
Positions Aristocra Csapla


Early life

Roeg`eri Csapla, better known as Geric to his close friends and as Aristocra Csapla to the greater populace of Csilla. His life had always been surrounded with the constant drudgery and the incessant pomp and circumstance expected of a member born into a ruling family of the Chiss. He had never wanted it, never wanted to influence others lives in such a way that they were changed forever. His first love was that of music. When he was young he invested countless hours studying and rehearsing classical melodies from exotic species the galaxy over. His mother always disapproved, urging him to invest the time in more "productive" matters such as colonization strategies and agriculture so he could better manage the responsibilities of his families household duties to the public. The Csapla family first and foremost were responsible for colonial affairs, agriculture, and redistribution of resources. Geric had held no interest. He much preferred entertaining the idea of playing his music while he explored the galaxy and unlocking it's great mysteries.

Young Adulthood

When he had reached teenage-hood, further training became required of him. Every waking moment not dedicated to the necessities of life became devoted to the observing of cabinet affairs and constant tutoring by his mother's closest aid. He never resented his mother, he always rationalized that she was doing all she could for bettering his future. She was as overprotective and strict as his father was aloof and apathetic. It was always evident to him that his parent's marriage was but one of convenience. There was never any love, it simply existed to carry on the lineage and produce an heir. Of course the charade was flawless in the public's eye but the "love" ended the second they entered any privacy.

He was constantly influenced to believe that the Chiss were a superior race and all others were but inferior outsiders. This continued for some time till he reached his mid twenties. Upon reaching the rank of Minister he became further aware of outside political influences and the particular qualities and values of the myriads of species sharing this galaxy. His prejudice had begun to swiftly and completely melt. His mother had of course noticed this and quickly began introducing him in the social scene trying to find him a wife. Many women came and went, all with one idea on their minds, furthering their careers. None stood out, none even proved to be memorable. His mother's pressure eventually proved to be easier and easier to ignore, and her retirement put an end to it completely.


Having become the newly appointed Aristocra of his house, the work load increased tremendously. Colonization talks, planning committees and agricultural expeditions. One such expedition changed his life, this time for the better. On a particular fact finding mission to the planet Ryloth, in an effort to see if Ryll could be artificially synthesized for use in medicinal drugs by his people, he met an agricultural expert. A young lethan Twi`lek named Aurra Sen`tal. It started as pure business, meetings to further explore the possibilities of Ryll, export and synthesizing dilemmas. It soon became something more, much more. Her innocence, caring and no desire for prominence touched him deeply. She saw him as nothing more then a  "little gardener boy" as she would teasingly call him. The romance however would never be accepted, nor tolerated with his position as an Aristocra.

His mission had ended but the relationship carried on in secret. The most trusted members of his protection, his own household Phalanx had sworn an oath of secrecy. Every week he would fly her into his residence in the Csillian capital Csaplar, and every week his Phalanx would escort her to him in private where they would spend the weekend attending to no other matters but each other. This continued for two years, and a relationship became love. Until one week she never came.

The worst week of his life, reports had surfaced stating pirates had ambushed the private vessel he had arranged to transport her every week. She had been executed and disposed of, while the ship soon entered the service of the same pirates who had taken everything from him.


Devastation, utter and complete devastation. The only thing he had left of her were memories and how few they were. He would play music for her and she would look at him with an admiration like he was the only other creature in existence. Her "little Gardener Boy". Heartbroken and lacking any inspiration for his current line of work, he requested a leave of absence under the guise of an extensive fact finding mission. The pretense being he wished to explore and better understand the cultures with whom they so readily dismissed as inferior.

He left immediately, a one man crew and whatever luggage he needed the only luxury proved to be his instruments. He visited several governments and smaller organizations. Each wrapped up in their own ideologies and arrogance more then the next. The "civil war" held no interest to him. He did not care which side eventually killed enough innocents to declare a "victory". He spent many weeks and months searching and found none who proved to be better then what they were fighting against.

His journey eventually had brought him home. Only home had not been what it once was when he departed. The Ascendancy had splintered, several high ranking members going their own way. His good friend and ally Carn`ilo` Sabosen had been executed and all had been thrown into chaos. Having inquired as to what had happened he found that most of his ideologies rested with a group by the name Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile. After contacting Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen who had stepped in to fill the gap left by Nilos, Geric was offered his same position and a spot on the newly renamed and reformed Ruling Circle.

Furthering the Future of the Chiss

Seeing that his best work would be done within his own people, Geric settled back to assist the CAiE and to put forth all his efforts in a reunification work and rehabilitation of his people.