Ron Mueirech

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Ron Mueirech
9001 mueirech.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Maiju Mueirech
Father Unknown
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Year -4, Day 182
Died Year 19, Day 226
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Major
Positions 3rd Brigade Executive Officer
Awards Awards mueirech.png

Major Ron Mueirech was a Coruscanti Imperial Army Officer who served in Emperor Seele I's Galactic Empire.



Standing as tall as 5'10, Ron Mueirech is from the Coruscanti species of Coruscant. His weight is around 86Kgs, white-yellowish of skin and eye colour shines dark brown if closely examined. Ron appears to be neat and punctual as possible in any given occasion. In donning a civilian attire, he can be seen in a distinct white long robe made out of silk and linen that he can stitch on his own. Sometimes on a sunny or rainy day, Ron can be seen wearing a straw hat.

Early Life


Ron was born to a middle class family in Coruscant's collective commerce sector. He was mostly raised under the guidance of his mother, Maiju Mueirech. His father is often away as a merchant businessman, possibly in other worlds. Whenever Ron asked of his father, he would get no directly answer from his mother. However, Ron's father would still send credits to them for his family's needs and education. Not a single instance his father returned to personally see his beloved son and wife. Audio logs were sent from time to time to his father and Ron had hoped that he would answer them in the future.

Most of the time, Ron spent a lot of time outside the streets playing with the other children he grew up with. He lived a regular childhood going to school and play afterwards until he reached his adolescence. During his teenage years, his father stopped sending him and his mother credits for education. Because of this, he worked with his mother Maiju in their side business selling their wares at the local marketplace. They did not live a luxurious lifestyle, kept low from the affairs of any other person they know of and kept mostly to themselves. Above all, they obeyed the laws of Coruscant and never had troubles with the authorities.


A fervent follower of what goes around in the galaxy, Ron was astonished to any news relating to the Imperial military. From ceremonies to campaigns to skirmishes, Ron admired them all. Coruscant is the capital of the Galactic Empire, and they will always need military volunteers to participate in the Empire's militarization. At the age of 23, he enrolled in the Imperial Academy as he was recruited by then-Major-General Navarro de Molay of the Imperial Army in an Imperial recruiting office on Year 18 D211. Fueled with determination and a chance to make a difference, hesitation from Ron was nonexistent. His mother Maiju Mueirech was left behind in Coruscant to stay at home. Ron had promised her that his enlistment is another addition to the security and welfare to the galaxy.

Time in the Empire

Imperial Academy

Time in the Imperial Academy that Ron took was quite a while. Ron's initial plan was to familiarize himself with the surroundings and the hierarchy structure until he was given new instructions. His instructions were clear, he was assigned to training officer Terak Falcor. Nervousness chilled Ron's spine under Falcor's guidance, this served optimal stress for optimal performance in the academy. The readings and texts needed for the academy were a lot, Ron would spend hours on end to read for the written exam. He would not sleep until all the work has been finished. The day the exam came, Ron with careful with the time, not trying to rush.... passed the exam! The readings he had done placed him in a high score enough for him to earn a graduate with honours ribbon. It was not all over, Ron had to pass his practical examinations. It wasn't all easy for him because Ron had to fly a ship, something he has done before but was only above the city and not in the upper layers Coruscant's atmosphere exiting to outer space. His first practical exam was alright, it took a lot of waiting and a lot of figuring out how is he going to land his ship when instructed to. Daring as he was, Ron received the orders to land his ship from his TO. He took a deep breath first and plunged his aircraft to nosedive into the planet. Realizing that that wasn't right, Ron panicked while the aircraft was burning up on reentry. Remembering what he read, Ron slowly lifted ship from nosediving into the surface, instead he figured that VTOL mode could save him, the ship, and the Empire a shuttle. Ron had almost died, realizing that flying wasn't for him, he reconsidered to stick to the ground forces instead upon exiting the Imperial Academy.

Imperial Army

Immediate Report To Unit

Upon graduation from the Imperial Academy, Ron took the liberty to join the Imperial Army, The Empire's ground component of the military. The newly christened Second Lieutenant was then assigned to his unit. As an officer, he is placed in command of stormtroopers. Often he is seen leading his men out in the field of battle. His commitment lies with his comrades to getting objectives and orders done. Ron is headstrong and always comes first before his men. He is not afraid to limit himself to a blaster pistol and is eager to operate standard rifles and heavier weapons. Just because of status in the officer rank, he considers himself still an enlisted man as long as he participates in the field. His service to the army has done him good and had merited him promotions and awards. At the moment, he continues to serve actively in the Imperial Army to this day.

Shadow Guardsman

Service under the Third Brigade is as expected for its name. It was one of the highly decorated brigades within the Imperial Army. The most notable of the brigade's recent exploits was during the Derra Situation. From there, the brigade held their ground under Third Legion and gained the prestige and fear from the Empire's opposition. Ron's duties as an enlisted officer were met with difficulties. His performance was not perfect and mistakes occur from time to time, but the recovery was significant. A mistake is a learning curve for the guardsman. Bounce back from mistakes was extraordinary and immediate. There were times of hesitation, some instances where Ron had doubts on the field that were not covered as much in the Imperial Academy, nevertheless he has surpassed those doubts and delivered to the letter. Exercises done within the unit were efficiently lead, supervised, and directed by brigade commanders. Being in the 3rd Brigade made Ron feel proud of his contributions, being part of an esteemed unit never made him so happy. So for that, he made a rather unique vow to himself that he will remain as close as possible to the Shadow Guards, whether it be serving under or right beside the unit.

Later on his dedication would be noted by his superiors that it made Ron qualify for a post as the Brigade Executive Officer of the Shadow Guards.

View on Life

Political Views

Meddling in the political arena is the least of Ron's concerns. Though he tends to admire his current government. The distaste for non-humans doesn't change his reverence for the Empire. He believes it's only for security as the outer rim alien populace does exhibit lawlessness and disorder. Ron is glad that aliens are given the chance to serve in the Galactic Empire though, as long as a person contributes to an effort, he or she no matter what race or origin, is welcomed by Ron to the Galactic Empire.


Ron believes in the greater good. He looks to the long term benign of things rather than for the short term. He did not join the Empire to hold a higher rank of citizenry over the civilians. The sense of attaining rank, office, position of power was never the intended goal of Ron Mueirech. Ron wanted to contribute to a greater cause, therefore his enlistment is his part in doing this. Safety and security for everyone in the galaxy is what he wanted. Whenever it comes to things, he'll be honest about it. Before giving his opinion on things, he would like to know the perspectives of all sides on a particular matter. There is not much Ron Mueirech wanted, he's a man of least desires, raised in a collectivist nature and puts needs first before wants.


"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man without trials." — School of Stoicism

The practice of Stoicism has been one of the most underrated to one's philosophy. Ron follows this school of thought and abides by its teachings almost at all times. He had found out about this philosophy at the young age of 13 and was entirely fascinated at how it can be applied to what situations reality can offer. Throughout Ron's life, hardships come and go. Things happen the way it is not expected it to be and by being stoic to unfavourable circumstances show the willpower of the mind. It is an emphasis to logic, to have emotional control, to remain calm and collected to get whatever objective done with speed and accuracy. With this thought in mind, Ron carried this standard all his life up to now. The philosophy of stoicism has served him well and will continue to serve him more in the future.

On Xenophobia

The word Speciesism bears negative sentiments. Ron has always observed this as funny in a way he describes the subject. Though amused of xenophobia, he does not classify himself as a xenophobe to any alien race.

"Everyone else but your race is food." — Ron Mueirech, his summary of Speciesism

Capture and Death

During the War for the Hosnian System Major Mueirech was taken prisoner by enemy forces. Major Mueirech a steadfast Imperial to the end is believed to have killed himself shortly after being taken prisoner.

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