Rose of Ryloth

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Rose of Ryloth
Type Crystalline formation

Rose of Ryloth, is a bright red tourmaline crystalline, gaining a semi renowned status as supposedly being owned by one of the old Twilek clans named Fenn, that was one of the thousand feudal clans that ruled on Ryloth before the navigators of old Republic found the planet. The crystal was an authority and leadership symbol of this clan. Many legends surround the crystal, but one of the most famous is the one that gave the name to the crystal.


Legend begins with a skirmish between Clan Fenn and Clan Vic'horaz peasants, over local water stream that was being redirected by the other. The clans were sworn enemies and rivals since the beginning of feudalization on Ryloth. The leader of Clan Vic'horaz - Iejectibe Vic'horaz intervened and declared that any interactions with Clan Fenn will be punishable by death, not knowing that his own daughter Sakfowe Vic'horaz, was in love with Uvojkara Fenn, the sole successor of clan Fenn. When Iejectibe Vic'horaz found out about it, he imprisoned his daughter in the tower of his fortress and in the same night gathered his troops to march on-wards to the Fenn holdings and kill Uvojkara Fenn with his own hands. Legend say that Uvojkara Fenn discovered this from one of the Sakfowe handmaidens. Not knowing what to do, he stole the tourmaline crystal from family vault and rushed to free Sakfowe and give the crystal to her to symbolize his devotion to her over his or her family politics. While the armies of both clans clashed on the Ryloth fields, both lowers escaped and lived happily after.

Many plays have been written about this legend, even if no archaeological excavations have discovered any historical signs that would prove that these clans fought each other. Carbon dating puts crystal around circa year -13,000, and experts say that the crystal was probably found in one of the surface aluminium mines by the predecessors of the Fenn clan.


Rose of Ryloth is a crystalline boron silicate mineral and as such consists traces of different elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. It is a tourmaline crystal and as such is classified as a precious stone that comes in a red and pink color.


Currently in the possession of the Grand Aristocra Reius Rothschild.