Rothana Metal Works

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Rothana Metal Works
Rothana Metal Works.png
General Information
Motto "At Rothana Metal Works ... We're tearing down the past to help you build your future!"
Status Defunct
Leader Axel Houghton
Owner Cyphor Axis
Historical Information
Political Information
Industry Recycling

After the Axis family no longer had the time or need for Rothana Metal Works it became a company on the verge of bankruptcy. That's when Bunres Voflis took over the ownership of RMW and worked tirelessly to build it up from the ashes into a profitable business. With a shift in focus this once small recycling operation has become a strong producer and reseller with a focus on delivering the best possible level of customer service. Rothana Metal Works builds ships for the sentients of the galaxy at affordable prices. From the smallest of fighters to the great haulers that keep galactic commerce moving. RMW also buys, sells, and trades in all types of goods including real estate and stocks. The company has a construction division that is building the infrastructure for the future of our members.

he new recruits find themselves lost in the huge facilities that Rothana Metals Works owns. Awestruck by the sheer size, they do not even notice when President Axel Houghton and VP Bunres Voflis enter the room. Axel clears his throat and immediately the recruits recognize his face from the numerous pictures and memorabilia that the homeworlds that RMW inhabits posess. "I am Axel Houghton, President of Rothana Metal work and welcome to your first day of work. I want to take a second and explain where RMW has come from so that you may take away some of the sense of what it is to be a member of Rothana Metal Works."

Bunres Voflis turn on his holocube and begins, "Several years ago, when the galaxy was much more at peace, several personnel of this organization toiled among other companies for mediocre salaries and horrid quality of life. Relationships were built over several months along a common goal of breaking free from the shackles that their employers had placed on them. Far away in the galaxy a company was struggling.

As the mines that Rothana Heavy Works laid on their worlds became bare, the question posed by the management became, what do we do with these potential criminal hideouts and unusable piles of materials? Cyphor Axis, the CEO of Rothana Heavy Works, Javin Axis, president of Rothana Industries, and Krolar Axis saw the answer as clear as day.

While Rothana Heavy Works could have the mines recycled and sell the material for profit, Cyphor Axis saw a better way, as he did when Rothana Heavy Works was short of mining vehicles. By bringing in the youngest member of the Axis family, Jerad Axis, to run Rothana Industries. Javin Axis was given the reigns of command of Rothana Metal Works. This way Rothana Metal Works could take down the useless mines that Rothana Heavy Works has placed and reuse the materials and not have to rely on outsiders, they could rely on their most valuable asset... family.

Now Rothana Metal Works is beginning it's duty of cleaning up what, in the minds of the rest of the Axis's, unfit for use and turning them into something usable. Cyphor Axis realized that these new materials however, could be used for something more than just the profit they would bring. Now Rothana Metal Works takes the materials they recycle and turn them into a line of starfighters, including the X-Tie, Y-Tie and TIE-Wing. These ships will help protect the Rothana Family as well as act as another fount of revenue for their employees.

Despite RMW's productive history, in the latter half of year 10 they began to have difficulty continuing operations due to the re-prioritization of the other Rothana ventures. There just wasn't a need for RMW anymore. That's when the Axis family decided to sell RMW to me. Under new ownership RMW is reorganizing itself to once again become a strong, dependable, and profitable company that will offer it's services to the galaxy."

Bunres finishes his speech and stands aside as the large factory doors open and outside a multitude of ships await the new recruits. "The future looks bright for Rothana Metals Works."

At Rothana Metal Works ... We're tearing down the past to help you build your future!