Rouge Dendar

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Rouge Dendar
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Coloring White
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Rwookrrorro Industries
Rank CR1
Positions Pilot of Rwookrrorro Industries
Prior Affiliation Corellian Transport Services

The Begining

Tatooine's twin suns

Rouge was born on the planet which water abandoned, known to most as Tatooine. At birth he was separated from his Mother, who was a slave, and taken to the smugglers moon of Nar Shaddaa where he worked as a gunner on smuggler's ships once he had come of age. A soft hearted smuggler Captain took pity on the young boy because he hadn't known his parents and as such didn't have a name, so the Captain gave him the name, Rouge Dendar and it stuck ever since.

The Start of a Journey

Home Run

After a few close encounters with customs officials and pirates and once he'd learned how to pilot a ship, Rouge decided to go legitimate so he took up a job as pilot for the Corellian Transport Services, the nationalised logistics subsidiary of the New Republic. The first ship assigned to him to pilot for their company was the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser named Home Run.

Tough Times

Working legitimately didn't pay as well as other professions, so Rouge eventually left the CTS to work for Arkanian Micro, a medical company recommended to him by a close friend, however, at the time of his joining, the leader of the company, Mr Von Halberg, was in the process of conducting a coup against the group's supporting government known as The Infinite Empire. Rouge just went along with coup but soon found himself out of a job as all members of Arkanian Micro were asked to leave and classed as a band of outlaws by The Infinite Empire. Left without a home, without a job and with only limited funds Rouge was unsure what his next move within the galaxy would be. It was at this point that members of what had been Arkanian Micro formed a new recycling corporation known as Gricul Salvage Yards. Rouge signed on with them immediately and worked as a pilot within their logistics arm. As is the case with most new organizations though, work was slow and the group was basically being used to support the recycling needs of it's sponsor, the Tresario Star Kingdom, and as such profits were near non existent.

Striking Out

Rouge could see he was in a dead end job that wasn't going to get him anywhere so he struck out on his own, leaving the group to pursue his own goals. Several weeks later and Gricul was dissolved. As a freelancer, Rouge had finally saved up enough money with a friend, that the two could go into joint ownership of their own Bulk Freighter, which they named the Wandering Traveller.

Planning Ahead

Captain Dendar currently works for Rwookrrorro Industries flying the Wandering Traveller and enjoys what he does. His dream is to one day own and operate his own warship, so that he may hunt down and exact justice on those who participate in the filthy and dishonourable slave trade which separated him from his mother and possibly his father too.