Royal Hapan Palace

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Royal Hapan Palace
Sector Hapes Cluster
System Hapes
Planet Hapes Prime
Galactic Coordinates (152, 106)
System Coordinates (10, 6)
Ground Coordinates (4, 3)
Additional Notes
Controlled By Hapes Consortium
NavComp Entry Surface of Hapes

The Royal Hapan Palace, also known as The Fountain Palace, is one of the great wondrous things that grace the already graceful surface of the Hapan Capital. This great architectural structure is located in Chume`Dan Palace Compound city and was designed by the Hapan architects of old as the majestic home of the King and Queen of the Hapes Consortium. This building is sturdy, with the essence of thousands of hours of work by the Hapan builders, which make this building what it is today, a milestone for the Hapan people.