Royal Vorsian Healthcare

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Royal Vorsian Healthcare
General Information
Motto Nurturing better worlds.
Status Merged
Leader Truse`vala Ilone
Headquarters Vorsia Companion
Historical Information
Founded Year 23 Day 141
Dissolved Year 24 Day 49
Political Information
Affiliation One Nation Under Jou
Scrapper Guild
Industry Medical Services

Royal Vorsian Healthcare was a pharmaceutical company and charitable organisation that operated as a joint project between One Nation Under Jou and the Scrapper Guild. It was focused on producing and distributing medical consumables between the systems Morobe, Vorsia and Zrak, the company also ran outreach programs across impoverished areas of the galaxy, helping to provide state of the art healthcare as part of its "nurturing better worlds" philosophy. In Year 24, Royal Vorsian Healthcare became a sub-division of Troika Medical Distribution.


Established in Year 23, Royal Vorsian Healthcare could trace its origin to Year 15 where it began on Vorsia Companion as the Vorsia Future Foundation. The primary goal of the Foundation was bioengineering and cloning to replicate natural conception, with the goal to help families that were unable to have children. The Foundation also managed the local alazhi farms and bacta processing operations to develop pharmaceuticals to support the moon's healthcare system.

When One Nation and the Scrapper Guild entered a mutually beneficial partnership in Year 22, it soon became apparent the local production on Vorsia Companion was not enough to supply the billions of citizens across their territories. Rather than outsourcing the bacta supplies, it was decided to build upon the successes of the Foundation and expand its operations across multiple systems as the Royal Vorsian Healthcare.

By the end of Year 23, the Royal Vorsian grew into supplying the northern sectors of Confederacy of Independent Systems, and eventually it became apparent that it would be more efficient for the Confederacy to merge all of its affiliated medical companies into one. It was decided that Royal Vorsian, Asher Institute of Medical Research and Outer Rim Medical would form a new galaxy-wide company, the Troika Medical Distribution, to supply the Confederacy and their allies. The merger was announced and took place in Year 24 on Day 48[1].


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