Russ Leman

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Russ Leman
Biographical Information
Race Human (Birth), Gotal (After Plague)
Homeworld Tatooine
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Coloring Brown/Gray
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Jedi Order
Rank Jedi Master
Positions Jedi Master
Prior Affiliation New Republic

Jedi Master Russ Leman was born on a space lane between Tatooine and Ryloth on a regular supply run to trader parents. He is listed as being from Tatooine simply for the reason that it is the place where his parents were able to land first.

For 14 years he flew around the galaxy with his parents as part of a cargo crew. He learned many things during this time including how to pilot, fix ships, and some basic medical training. This lasted until one day when the crew was planetside, there was a distress call in orbit requesting a tow. His parents took up their ship, and were consequently ambushed and killed by pirates. He took the family's other freighter - a YT 1300 dubbed "Waffle Iron" and flew around the galaxy for the next 10 years doing odd jobs to survive. This lasted until one day he got a job offer from Onyx Corporation (now Sunburst Heavy Industries) and worked for about a year for Stephen Garrett learning the ins and outs of mining and prospecting.

After roughly a year he began to find this work rather boring and sought out more excitement, and thus went on to join the New Republic and enlisted in Star Fighter Command. For a couple of years he served in the NRSFC doing (classified), (classified), and (classified). He had a good time in the SFC and one day signed up for a force test that was being conducted by the Jedi Order. He got leave to go to the test, walked on the ship, and was found to be force sensitive.

After this, he joined the Knights of the Republic and bounced around in several departments for a while (Ministry of Civil Engineering, and some private work) before leaving the New Republic to join the Jedi Order.

Training for several years in the Jedi Order, Russ became a respected Jedi. Eventually, he caught the eye of Lindgart Adjer who took him under his wing as his Padawan Learner. They shared many adventures together. The two Jedi grew in the force and came to love each other as brothers. One day while surveying some old separatist ruins form the Clone Wars, Russ found a rather well kept mine shaft. He crept inside, and found an old mining operation that was operating in secret from the Empire - The Banvhar Combine. He visited them several times. Each time he was able to assist in crucial operations that helped them with their operations. Eventually, they asked him to be their leader, and to throw in their lot with the Jedi Order.

On Year 15 Day 12 he was struck by the Metamorphosis Plague that transformed him from a Human into a Gotal.