Sadie de Chatillon

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Sadie de Chatillon
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Siblings Artemis de Chatillon
Born Year -2
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 178 cm
Weight 72 kg
Coloring Light
Eye Color Grey/Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate
Title Vice President, Manufacturing

Sadie de Chatillon is a Kiffar born and raised in secret from her siblings. Currently, she works as the Executive Vice President of the Cantrell Conglomerate under Guildmistress Avelyn ca Vella.

Early Life

Sadie, for all intents and purposes, shouldn't be alive. She was the result of a mistake on the parts of Andreas Colvarin and Rhea de Chatillon. While her husband, Cronus, was away on business, Rhea was overcome with loneliness. Thus, she sought out somebody to comfort her every night, and Andreas was more than willing to oblige. What began as a secret affair, however, didn't remain that way for long. Soon enough, Rhea fell pregnant as a result of her rendezvous. Unable to hide it from her husband, Rhea came clean to Cronus, and although he felt guilt over her reasoning, the shame that her pregnancy could bring upon the de Chatillon clan was more important. As a result, the pregnancy remained a secret, and the moment Sadie was born she was pawned off onto her biological father for raising.

Growing up, Sadie Colvarin lived well off thanks to the offerings of the de Chatillons. Andreas and his the child wanted for nothing. This didn't mean Sadie didn't have questions, however. Questions that Andreas couldn't answer. Questions like how they were so well off when Andreas' job wasn't splendor inducing, or what had happened to her mother and why she wasn't with them?

Eventually, as Sadie was in the midst of her teenage years, her mother decided to make herself known. Rhea de Chatillon, after dealing with the loss of two of her children, decided it was time to make Sadie a part of her life, and with nobody else in the home, Cronus was inclined to agree. So, Sadie was moved into the de Chatillon family home. With her move, her relationship with family changed as well. While Andreas was loving and nurturing and caring, Cronus saw Sadie as nothing but a reminder of the mistakes that Rhea had made in his absence and of her reasoning for those mistakes. Rhea tried but fell short of the loving mother she was to her other children. Years apart from Sadie created a gap that neither daughter nor mother could cross.

Things became easier when Cronus passed away and Rhea was left alone with her daughter. Rhea was able to talk to her daughter freely without the judgement of Cronus floating throughout the home and tensing up every interaction. Similarly, Sadie felt she was more able to be herself without the reminder of her being the result of a mistake stalking her every move, expecting her to prove how unworthy she was to be in such a fancy home. Unfortunately, it was a little too late, and soon after connecting with her mother, Sadie was forced to watch as the same disease that took her daughter's life claimed the life of Rhea de Chatillon.

Before her death, Rhea informed Sadie of family located on Ord Cantrell, although any names were withheld. With nowhere to go and no other family left to speak of due to the fact that the civil war transpiring on the planet itself had claimed the life of her father, Sadie had no choice but to move on in the hopes that maybe a better life was waiting for her on Ord.

Ord Cantrell

Cantrell Conglomerate

After reconnecting with Artemis de Chatillon, Sadie was lucky enough to be given the connections to better her own life and seek out the adventures she so yearned to have. She was introduced to Avelyn ca Vella as a way to learn the ropes of Cantrell Conglomerate. She started off in transportation, but it didn't take long for her true potential to be noticed. As Avelyn and Artemis began the evolution of Orbital Research and Design, they agreed that it should be Sadie who should oversee things under Angwyn Eyre. Sadie proved her worth leagues over, but her thirst for knowledge wasn't satisfied. Thus, she moved from ORD to Cantrell Consulting, where she supervised trades and transport underneath Mercedes Morgan. As things usually do, Mercedes moved on to brighter and better paths, and Sadie was chosen to become a part of the consultation board within Gordian Reach Authority. Soon enough, though, Sadie longed to return to her roots and joined Angwyn Eyre back in Orbital Research and Design. While content, she was soon met with yet another opportunity. Aylee Stewart propositioned her to take over Shadolan MechanIX, and the young Kiffar couldn't turn the offer down. She is currently leader of said faction and enjoying learning the ropes.