Sarai Andromeda Morbus

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Sarai Andromeda Morbus
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Marital Status single
Siblings Darius Andromeda
Children 2 (Male and Female Twins) Alec Andromeda Alecia Andromeda
Born Year -82 (103 years old)
Languages Basic, Ancient Anzati, Anzati, Ancient Sith, High Sith, Olysi Corellisi, Hapan, Droidspeak
Quote May I forever live in the Darkness and may She be evermore merciful.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'0” (152.4 cm)
Weight 125 (56.699 kg)
Coloring Pale White
Hair Color Vibrant Red
Eye Color Violet/Blue
Political Information
Morbus Creche
Andromeda House
Deep Space Trading
Rank CEO
Prior Affiliation House Abane
Sith Imperium
Archduchy of Tolonda
Corporate Sector Commodities
Corporate Sector Authority
The Invid Order
Matukai Dragons
Tresario Star Kingdom
Silviut Corporation
Signature Andra sig.gif

Sarai Andromeda Morbus or Andromeda as she is known by the Morbus Creche and her friends. Is a 103 year old Anzati Assassin Born in year -82 Day 121 Sarai is mainly a loner, like most of her race, but does talk to others when she has the mind to do so. Sarai is not a people person and prefers to hunt alone or with her Brother, Darius Andromeda. She has bright red hair in it's natural color, but she has dyed Blonde before,Her natural violet/blue eye colors are almost indiscernible from the other. She has Anzati and sith runes all over her exposed pale skin and has a cybernetic for her left arm. Sarai hides her Cybernetic arm in most photos where she can. She was trained to be deadly with an nightstinger sniper rifle and a vibroblade. She hunts young human men and the rare young human woman in the club and party circuits for soup. She is a woman who enjoys music and will sing to her twins. She prefers to keep her children hidden but they are always nearby. She refuses to talk about their father. Sarai named the twins Alec and Alecia, Alecia is the oldest by a half hour. Sarai is seemingly hostile to those she doesn't know, more so especially if her Twins are nearby. Sarai has a shoot then ask questions if you survive, you become my next meal complex. The amount of death she has caused and seen makes her to view people who value or vilify life as hopelessly naïve. She has a unique self forged sword she uses for her infrequent military campaigns. She does have an attached blade on her cybernetic arm. She follows the ways and history of the Dark side even though she is not Force Sensitive, she has studied many written languages and can speak a fair few, she even can translate Droidspeak.

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