Savage Sword

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Savage Sword
Owner Jax Starblade
Manufacturer Incom Corporation
Class Light Freighter
Type YT-1300
ID Number 168824
Date of Manufacture Y.10 / D.338
Sensors 1
Hyperspeed 6
Sublight Speed 60 MGLT
Max Speed 600 km/h
Manoeuvrability 6
Proton-Torpedo Launchers 2
Heavy Laser 8
Hull 170
Deflectors 135
Ionic Capacity 85
Weight 400 T
Volume 3,780 m³
Length 27 m
Cargo Capacity
Weight Cap 15 T
Volume Cap 50 m³
Passengers 8
Hangar Bay HangarBay1.gif
Landing Landing.gif
Repulsors Repulsor.gif

Named in honor of his beloved sword, the Starblade, the Savage Sword is deemed one of Jax Starblade's favorite ships from his fleet, due to the fact it was the last ship he finessed out of an unsuspecting mark, while on his rise to becoming a galactic renowned criminal.

Year 12 Day 65, Basilio Rookolo was duped out of the YT-1300 by Captain Starblade, when he unwittingly sent the fledgling thief the access codes to the ship. Before Basilio knew what happened, Jax was in the ship, in hyperspace and long gone from the scene of the crime. A few days later it was brought to Jax's attention that there was a galaxy wide communique that had been transmitted, defaming his good name. Jax tuned into the message only to find that Basilio had placed a 1 million credit bounty on the scammer. The comm-chatter ridiculed Basilio for such a miniscule bounty, as Captain Starblade was a well known and respected trader throughout the galaxy. The shocker to his contemporaries, was that Jax did as he was accused. Feeling no shame, yet disgusted that his criminal anonymity had been compromised, Jax Starblade admitted to the galaxy that he was a scammer. This was the first time one of his victims had the nerve to expose Jax's theft. The galaxy has been on notice ever since.


  • Custom Pain Job Originally Done By Scott Mo
    Updated By Arkanus Enterprises
    In Use From Y.12 / D.70c. to Y.20 / D.359
  • Upgrades, Customzations and Pain Job Done By Jax Starblade
Savage Sword
Custom Paint Job Update by Arkanus Enterprises