Scroll of Darth Zannah

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Darth Zannah was a powerful warrior who became a Sith Lord under Darth Bane. She lived approximately 1,000 years BGCT and is best remembered for her skill in Sith magic. While selections from her teachings are rumored to be preserved in various Sith holocrons, this scroll is one of the few surviving primary documents directly related to the dark lord. It is said to have been written by Zannah herself, but others have theorized it was written by an apprentice of hers or even her apprentice's apprentice. This particular scroll contains the secret to masking one's presence in the Force.

Con Semper clandestinely acquired the scroll in his travels, and it was kept in his personal collection until it was stolen by a Chiss. Decades later Semper found the rival on his deathbed. The two reconciled, though it remains a mystery whether the scroll was returned to Semper or whether he simply stole it back. The scroll was later gifted to Semper's apprentice, Paul Luz to mark the completion of the apprentice's lightsaber and the bleeding of the lightsaber's crystal. It remains in Paul's library in his apartment at Veeshas Tuwan.