Scroll of Guileza

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Scroll of Guileza
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The Scroll of Guileza is an ancient Sith artifact rumored to map the location to the tomb of an ancient Sith lord. It has recently come back into circulation after being discovered in an antiquities dealers back room.


The scroll was originally created to house arcane knowledge of the ancient Sith Council member and Dark Lord Scourgeris. However, as the Dark Lord aged, he edited the scroll for a different purpose. Before his death, he entrusted it to his apprentice, Lord Guileza. Lord Guileza, a pure blooded Sith, rapidly rose in the ranks of the Sith order. There were rumors that his power was so great that he dreamt of challenging the Emperor. When these rumors reached the Emperor, he had Guileza dealt with summarily. However, the scroll survived. By now, the rumors about the scroll were beginning to burgeon. Some Sith believed the scroll was indwelt by the spirit of Lord Scourgeris and it was from this that Lord Guileza had gained his power. Fearing that another Sith would attempt to follow in Lord Guileza's footsteps, the Emperor ordered the scroll destroyed. However, attempts to burn it failed. Terrified, the Emperor ordered it burried in the tomb of Lord Guileza and then had the tomb buried and all record of Lord Guileza erased from history. The scroll was lost to eons of time but its legend lived on in whispered tones in the Sith Empire. However, legend was not to be the scrolls fate.


When the Sith Empire finally fell, a few pure blooded Sith fled for safety. One, Lord Praven, took with him a map which he believed would direct him to the lost tomb of Lord Guileza. Praven believed he could do what the Emperor could not and destroy the scroll of Guileza to ensure that it never fell into the wrong hands. To aide him, he recruited a team of archaeologists, promising them the loot of the tomb with the exception of the scroll. Praven had spent decades in the declining years of the Sith Empire studying the tomb, the scroll and Lord Guileza so he was well prepared. He also thought he knew how to destroy the scroll. His map was well made. The archaeologists had no trouble finding the tomb and extracting its treasures. However, Praven was puzzled by the lack of a body. A coffin was present, but it was empty. The scroll, however, was there. Praven took it and ran a battery of physical and chemical tests on it. However, he could feel the Force presence of not one but two powerful Sith in the scroll. The legends were true, Lord Scourgeris' power did rest in the scroll, except the scroll had now absorbed the power of Lord Guileza as well. This upset all of Praven's plans. He now had to find a way to eliminate the power that had once nearly taken down the Sith Emperor.

Praven's Choice

Lord Praven was faced with a dilemma. The Sith in his veins screamed out for him to take the newfound power and use it to rule the galaxy. Unlike most Sith, however, Praven also had an interest in the light side of the Force, and this called out to him to destroy the scroll. In the end, Praven decided it would be best to destroy the scroll. However, the Sith ritual he had planned would only work for removing Scourgeris power from the scroll. Praven decided to store the scroll in a safe location until he could find a ritual to remove both presences simultaneously. However, this proved difficult and Praven was killed in battle before he could complete his research. The scroll was again forgotten, lost to time. Just as before, it would not stay lost forever

The Plague

The scroll was rediscovered again by a treasure hunting Nautolan named Zengi Terivin. Terivin saw its ancient Sith gliphs and immediately knew its value. He sold it on the open market to a collector. However, as the scroll changed hands a few times, it began acquring a black reputation. Rumors buzzed that it drove sentients to madness, caused them to commit unspeakable crimes, and physically deformed its owners. The fear of the scroll reached such a fever pitch that it was locked away in a government vault on Coruscant for dozens of years. However, the custodians of the vault reported the same fear happening to them. When one of the custodians snapped and murdered dozens of his colleagues, the government hit its last straw. They ordered the scroll destroyed. However, a dedicated young custodian and aspiring Sith named Jheq Yoiw stole the scroll, hoping to posess its power for himself. However, the power of the scroll was too much for the young Zabrak to handle. He committed suicide and scroll was lost again. This time it would not stay lost long. Another Zabrak, Dr. Sec Praven, who traced his lineage to Lord Praven, had studied the scroll legends and believed the reason the scroll could not be destroyed was because the tomb of Lord Scourgeris had not been found. He believed the key to destroying the scroll was in the Dark Lord's tomb. When the scroll hit the open market, Dr. Praven attempted to raise funds to purchase it so the scroll and its power could be eliminated once and for all.


The dark power that the scroll possessed called out to a Zabrak Dark Force user named Zane Apex. Having brought ruin to any soul foolish enough to try to destroy the scroll, it found itself in the hands of one unafraid of such dark power. If all of the others mistakes had been to attempt to contain or destroy this ancient artifact, then perhaps unleashing it would be the key to obtaining the power within. Apex could feel the power that the scroll held and he knew that with the scroll in his possession he would become even more powerful. He knew that the scroll's history must be researched carefully so that he would not fall victim to the scroll's power as had so many before him. Apex searched the galaxy for any information about the scroll. It was his belief that the early translations of the scroll were wrong. His quest lead to the discovery of an ancient Sith language which holds the key to unlocking the scroll's full power.