Sebastian Omega

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Sebastian Omega
Paul apprentice.png
Biographical Information
Race Human and Arkanian
Homeworld Eren Research Installation
Physical Description
Gender male
Political Information
Affiliation Reclamation Corp

Sebastian Omega is the code name for a gene enhancement program developed at Eren Research Installation under the supervision of Paul Luz to increase Force sensitivity in sentients. It is also the name of the first successful patient said program. The program developed as an application of the studies Luz and his research staff carried out on the behavior and characteristics of Midichlorians, the organelle that is believed to be responsible for Force-sensitivity. In the course of the research, Luz and his team determined that Midichlorians cannot live apart from the organic material of their host, and their average concentration could not be altered by introducing more Midichlorians to an organic system or removing limbs or blood. Their count will naturally rise or fall to return to an equilibrium unique to each individual. The solution they found was to isolate parts of an highly force-sensitive individual's genome that are believed to impact sensitivity and splice them into the subjects own genome using the Semper Procedure - effectively creating a new individual. This was the case with Sebastian.

Sebastian was a Human subject that exhibited slightly heightened force-sensitivity, but nothing near the levels found in most Force users. His genome was altered with genes taken from Luz, whose own genome included genetic material donated by Con Semper when Luz was losing a battle against the metamorphosis virus. The process itself was rough, as the procedure is never straightforward and each individual offers unique challenges. Sebastian had to be revived several times and was kept on life support for weeks in bacta as he recovered. Ultimately, the Arkanian genetic material was accepted by his body, and Sebastian Omega was born on Year 19, Day 20. Despite his recovery, his repository system remains compromised and he must use a respirator and filter most of the time.

Omega currently leads the Reclamation Corp, furthering Paul Luz's mission of locating, acquiring, and preserving Force-related relics and artifacts of historical or scholarly significance.