Secret Military Operation Uncovered! Mandalore threatened by the NAO!

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Hacked by Taalon Darksky - Organization: Galactic Tabloid Publications

Date: Year 8 Day 311 Location Unknown

*A Cerean with silver hair appears on screen. He clears his throat and then looks up. A small hologram pops up to his side. It shows the New Anzat Order's and the Mandalorian insignia. On the top of the screen a few large letters appear. "Operation Spearhead Files Released". The Cerean, who's ID states "Kir Landana", looks up and begins to speak in a calm voice.*

"Greetings, I am Kir Landana. We all know that there is war in this cruel galaxy. Recently, a secret military operation has been discovered. This operation has been undertaken by the NAO against Mandalore. Throughout this broadcast I will be informing you of the New Anzat Order's secret operation. The operation is known as 'Spearhead.' A great many Bothans may or may not have died to bring us this information."

*The screen blends into a three-dimensional simulation of the Honoghr system. Mandalorian and NAO ships were zooming past one another. A small box appears and Kir Landana walks inside and begins to speak.*

"As you can clearly see, NAO military ships are entering the system. Anybody can presume they are uninvited. And this is true! I interviewed the leader of Mandalore, Warrior Eminence Tyr Demeer for his response to this threat."

*The three-dimensional simulation disappears and reveals video footage of Kir Landana interviewing a white haired man with a scar on his eye. Kir sits in his leather chair and greets Tyr Demeer. Then the interview begins.*

Reporter Kir - "How do you feel about the safety of Mandalore?"

Tyr Demeer - "I am very confident about the safety of Mandalore. Our operation at Honoghr had some casualties, mostly local Noghri who stood up against NAO in an attempt to free their brothers. An attempt which in the end was most successful. But on the other hand Mandalore returned the favor when NAO tried to infiltrate and occupy the Jerous. Mandalore arrested hundreds of NAO workers, soldiers and even their local commander, Chief Lesley Aspey."

Reporter Kir - "Well, you seem to think Mandalore is being run safely. Did you know that the NAO recently spied on your Empire in the Honoghr system? If not, how do you feel about your nation's security now?"

Tyr Demeer - "Our naval vessels and satellite network at Honoghr notice all arrivals within seconds and if NAO wants to come and visit Honoghr and see the progress the planet has made since they rid themselves from the occupation, they are welcome to do so. They might even learn a thing or two."

"The operation didn't seem like much of a surprise to him. Tyr sounded as if he wanted the NAO to invade. Almost as if he desired to teach them a thing or two about war."

Reporter Kir - "Do you have any future plans to fortify the Honoghr system so you can detect these conflicts?"

Tyr Demeer - "Honoghr is already more or less fortified. There is a network of recon satellites in the system detecting any vessels entering it. The economy on Honoghr, after years of recession, is finally booming, and together with a population of Noghri coming back from exile to settle on Honoghr, the system is already secure under Mandalorian control and any attempts by NAO to occupy it again will be futile."

*The interview ends*

"After collecting the Mandalorian side of the story, I asked Regent Wilhelm von Ismay (leader of the New Anzat Order) for his view. Unfortunately, Regent von Ismay chose not to comment. "

"Can this situation justify war and death? Why are there those who believe it possible to do so? It is immoral to kill but the galaxy overlooks death. War is war and nothing else. It is impossible to bring it up to a higher standard. Death is death and while you can make it a clean death, it is still death. War is not fit for the civilized realms of the galaxy. In this reporter’s opinion, neither Mandalore nor the NAO can truly justify it. This has been Kir Landana, for Galactic Tabloid Publications. Goodbye fellow sentients, and good luck."



Secret Military Operation Uncovered! Mandalore threatened by the NAO!