Sevarcos (System)

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Sevarcos System.png
General information
Sector Tamarin
Galactic Coordinates (93, -371)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 13
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 23
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Astrographic Entry Sevarcos

The original base of operations for the Eidola Pirates prior to their expansion into Hutt Space, the Sevarcos system remains a bustling hub of pirate activity. One of its asteroids houses the city of Necropolis, the Eidola Pirates' memorial to their fallen.

The Sevarcos system is full of navigational hazards, making sublight travel exceedingly difficult for all except the best of pilots. The number of asteroid fields in particular have been the source of many a damaged ship and premature death. The pirates of Eidola have also established many famous asteroid outposts throughout the system in addition to Necropolis. Some of the more notable asteroids being: Praugeq asteroid, which hides some of Sevarcos's most promiscuous bars and brothels in the caves on its surface; Broton - the asteroid home of Bropolis, the birthplace of the galaxy renowned Brotingo; Sirtaeras, home of the highly ranked Sirtaeras University of Sevarcos; Snoam Asteroid Belt, where Eidola trains its elite warriors; Alr-04 Asteroid Nest, where Eidola fosters a vast nature preserve; Tarcal Asteroid Field, home to a prison camp in which the most hardened prisoners are detained; and Tiid asteroid which is the home of the fabulously wealthy and famously peculiar Tiid family.

In Year 18, Carl Warrington was sent on assignment by Pirate Queen Syn to begin an ambitious plan to make Sevarcos X a commerce hub in the galactic south. Due to the abundance of natural resources available in the system, it wasn't long before other Eidolons descended on Sevarcos to initiate their own development projects on its numerous underdeveloped worlds. Following the creation of major population centers on Sevarcos I, Sevarcos V, Sevarcos XI, and Sevarcos X, the system has rapidly grown from just under six billion inhabitants in Year 18 to over 116 billion inhabitants by the end of Year 20 and on to 164 billion in Year 23.

The system has also developed into a pirate production hub with cities full of factories and numerous orbital shipyards. The production capacity of Sevarcos is constantly maxed out as the many beings of the galaxy who are blacklisted by major governments find their way to Sevarcos to purchase the ships and arms they need.

However, this growth has not been without controversy. Warlord Squall Chitose infecting nearly the entire Ugnaught population with syphilis in Year 19 caused an emergency mass migration of over 114 million disenfranchised and diseased Ugnaughts to Drup II. There have also been countless reports of unhappy workers left stranded in cities, forced to find new jobs once their building projects had come to an end. Furthermore, the rapid growth has begun to put a strain on Sevarcos' infrastructure and has even led to rumors of mass killings of Zeltrons by the Pirate Queen herself.

An artist's rendition of the Sevarcos building process:
Credit Euna Miriel. From left to right: Argon Nightwish, Tsin Vus, Lamy Homo [top], Carl Warrington.