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Woldona Sector.png
General information
RegionOuter Rim Territories
Controlled ByDefenStar Ltd.
Astrographic EntrySevetta

The Sevetta sector is a region of space in the Outer Rim Territories and is comprised of a single star system, Woldona. Historically, the sector has been controlled by The Exchange and Black Sun, but has become the home of billionaire Tomas o`Cuinn who owns controlling stake in five of the seven planets in the Woldona system. Public rumors suggest that Tomas o`Cuinn received his holdings in the Sevetta sector, along with the Homon sector, by trading the Gree star system to Black Sun on the 110th day of Year 18 (CGT). The Dael`mor Mandalorian clan and Dread pirate outfit each control a single planet in the Woldona, though the former received Woldona V from Tomas o`Cuinn in exchange for their former world, Gree II.


System Position Planets Population Controller
Woldona (370, -230) 8 163,958,679,058 DefenStar Ltd.