Shanay Nufuzu Lopima

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Shanay Nufuza Lopima
Class Light Freighter
Type YT-1300
Type {{{modifications}}}
Date of Manufacture Unknown
Affiliation Bik N'tal

Uli-ah Gafsa (previous)

Events Unknown

The Shanay Nufuzu Lopima is a heavily modified YT-1300 freighter once owned by pirate lord and self-proclaimed 'Champion of Jawas' Uli-ah Gafsa. Its date of manufacture and history before coming into Gafa's hands is unknown, but its name translated from Jawa Trade Language is roughly 'one who sleeps under the stars.' It came into Paul Luz's possession after Gafsa was killed by Seth Haze. Although Luz and Gafsa had become acquainted over Luz's many trips to Tattooine, Luz was baffled when the ship was among a portion of Gafsa's estate left to him. The Shanay is preserved by Luz as a historic artifact, before it was sold to another Jawa pirate Bik N'tal.