Shanay Nufuzu Lopima

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Shanay Nufuza Lopima
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 6006
Production date Unknown
Class Light Freighter
Model YT-1300
Manufacturer Unknown
Technical specifications
Length 27 meters
Engine unit(s) Girodyne SRB42 sublight engines
Corellian Avatar-10 hyperdrive
Speed Hyperdrive: 6.0
Sublight: 60 MGLT
Armament Heavy Laser (8)
Proton-Torpedo Launcher (2)
Standard systems Hangar bay (1)
Modified systems Exterior paint scheme
Interior amenities
Crew 2-3
Passenger Capacity 8
Cargo capacity 15 tons

The Shanay Nufuzu Lopima is a YT-1300 freighter once owned by the pirate and self-proclaimed 'Champion of Jawas' Uli-ah Gafsa. Its date of manufacture and history before coming into Gafa's hands is unknown, but its name translated from Jawa Trade Language is roughly 'one who sleeps under the stars.' It came into the possession of Paul Luz after Gafsa was killed by Seth Haze in Year 15 (CGT). Although Luz and Gafsa had become acquainted over Luz's many trips to Tatooine, Luz was baffled when the ship was among a portion of Gafsa's estate left to him. The Shanay was preserved by Luz as a historic artifact before it was eventually sold to another Jawa pirate by the name of Bik N`tal. Although it was widely-claimed by Bik that the freighter had a highly-modified hyperdrive with a speed of 10, this was disproven through a basic engine inspection by Tomas o`Cuinn after he acquired the vessel upon Bik's death in Year 21 (CGT). Rumor suggests that Tomas paid a small fortune for the vessel due to the claims over its upgraded hyperdrive engine though the exact price has never been confirmed. The ship was proven to be entirely stock except for its unique external paint scheme and aftermarket interior amenities such as a dejarik table, food dispensary, bar, laundry services, lounge area, and art gallery.

Famous Guests

During the Galaxy Fest event in Year 21 (CGT), many individuals visited the vessel due to its historical connection to Uli-ah Gafsa and its rumored modifications. Those who stepped foot aboard the vessel during the event include Alakoth Gar, Alston Nailo, Appan Parsu, Ashura Harma, Bane Daraurak, Carth Falte, Cordelia Skittles, Danae de Chatillon, Ethan Stellar, Hazamuzee Seph, Hondo Walker, Hrussk Hskar, Jalen Kobar, Jensen Odama, Jic Uiji, Ken Grady, Klink Argosa, Kolomon Seph, Larnest Kahn, Les Barin, Lundrax Tasi, Magnus Quilance, Morgan Sathel, Nejal K`teefah, Neva Rath, Niera Crukx, Ozzy Vazul, Q`ua Ganja, Raptor Cardel, Ric`zix Xichiz, Rivain Dumat, Russ Leman, Saba Ku, Sem Epsum, Shandra Raa, Sterling Stryker, Taranjeek O`Cuinn, Thragg Craghorn, Thranduil Daer, Tolando Krieg, Tomas O`Cuinn, Torsten Ashwood, Uje Jek, Virak Kira, and Ziv Padan.