Shandra Raa

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Shandra Raa
Shandra Raa Avatar.jpeg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian/Kiffar mix
Homeworld unknown
Clan Kitade
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings Thearn Nightstaf
Children None
Born Year 19 Day 291
Died n/a
Languages Galactic Basic, Huttise, Dorinian
Religion Guardians of the Whills
Quote Gego beshwaji'aaken awe makwa; onzaam naniizaanizi.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 9 in
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Blue/grey
Political Information
Affiliation Chir`dorna Manufacturing, Red Nebula, The Dorin Freetraders’ Guild, Clan Kitade
Title Head Huntress
Rank Leader of Dorinian Military Corps
Awards none


Born in the Dark

All Shandra Raa ever knew much about was darkness and dirt. The mine had been her home for nearly 19 years. Still considered a child by her Hutt master, she lived the life of a dirt hauler and rarely saw daylight. She had no concept of parents or family, no idea where she came from. She didn't know how she got her name, she just always had it. She didn't know that she had been born or when. As far as she was concerned she just existed for as long as she could remember.

Shandra was not like the other dirt haulers in the mine though. Most were older sentients who had outlived their usefulness to the Hutts. There were a few younger ones but like the older dirt haulers, they lacked ambition or hope. Shandra was curious about everything. She had even taught herself to speak, read and write in Huttiese and galactic basic. By the time she had become a teenager she could repair any damaged mining droid just as proficiently as any droid repairman. She was awestruck every time she was lucky enough for the guard's to let her watch a bulk freighter arrive at or depart from the mine. She dreamed of piloting a ship of her own some day.

Trial by Fire

One day there was a commotion at the entrance of the mine, 'blaster fire!" Shandra thought. The occasional echo of a blaster bolt wasn't strange as the guards sometimes executed dying workers. This time was different though, Shandra had never heard so much blaster fire. This time was a mass of confusion, dirt haulers and guards running everywhere. Word quickly spread, the mine was under attack. Not knowing what else to do, Shandra hid in the dirt haulers barracks.

Finally, the noise abated and the confusion began to settle. Shandra then realized that whoever had attacked the mine were victorious and were now searching the barracks. Furnished with just bunks and tables fashioned out of discarded cargo containers, the barracks had few suitable hiding places. Hesitating at first, Shandra crawled into a pile of sweaty old clothing that had been dumped in a corner several months earlier for the miners to recycle into their own clothes. The smell was nearly unbearable and it quickly became obvious to her that she wasn't the only creature occupying the clothes pile.

Graffiti tag of the Flying Hutts from an unknown world on the Outer Rim.

Shandra could feel her heart race as she heard the unmistakable sounds of an old ISO-5R military droid enter the room. The four legged droid stopped in the center of the room and began a biological sensor scan. As the scan completed the droid turned slightly, facing the clothes pile. Seconds later a young Hutt slithered into the room. In a deep voice the Hutt spoke, identifying himself as Wemru of the Flying Hutts, and that he had been hired to rescue her.

The thought of spending the entirety of her existence as a slave in the mine was enough to convince her to trust the Hutt. As far as she was concerned, the worse that could happen was she could end up in another mine. She slowly stood up and revealed herself, pieces of clothing falling from her. The smell of the sweaty old clothes nearly made her urge.

The Hutt turned and left the room with the droid following behind. In his thick Huttise accent the Hutt told her to follow him. His deep, loud laugh echoed through the mineshafts in a way that sent shivers down the girls neck. She quickly followed him. In no time they were on board a ship, ascending into orbit.

The Light of Day

Her master was angry when he found out about the attack but a single slave wasn't worth the expense of a pursuit. The Flying Hutts covered their tracks well and the incident was never traced back to them.

Shandra in her red robe.

On board the ship Shandra was assigned a female Twi'lek tutor named Zor'cija. Over the next few days Zor'cija would help Shandra adjust to freedom and her new life. Shandra was given clean new clothes. Her favorite was a blood red, loose fitting, hooded robe that had a sort of veil that covered all of her face but her eyes. She also liked the black leather combat boots that most of the ships crew wore.

With lots of free time during the long hypertravel Shandra made friends with a Duros crewmember who taught her basic piloting and navigation. Shandra was remarkably quick to pick up on these skills, remarkable enough to impress the seasoned Duros pilot.

As the ship eventually drew near the end of its trip Wemru invited Shandra to target practice in the ships empty hanger bay. Wemru handed her a HSB-200 hold-out blaster pistol. She held it awkwardly, it was the first time she held a weapon of any kind. She was afraid it would accidentally discharge. Wemru patiently taught her how to safety handle the blaster, her confidence grew quickly.

As the duo blasted at the target droids they discussed her future. Wemru told her that she was now free to go wherever she wanted and do whatever she wanted, but he would not tell her who had hired them to rescue her or why. Keeping his part of the deal, Wemru gave her a small bag of credits and the passcodes to an old Spirit-class fighter that's waiting for her at their destination.

Across the Sea of Stars

For the remainder of the trip Shandra studied every star map she could get her hands on, trying to decide where to go. Some places stood out as sounding interesting but nothing really appealed to her at the moment. She looked through recruitment and employment ads and finally decided to try her hand at freelance piloting.

Setting out on a journey across the sea of stars.

Equipment and Abilities:

(Under Construction)

Notable Ships:

(Under Construction) C-3 Passenger Liner Valoramosa(BR-23 Courier Ol'val) YT-2000 Nascent Arquitens-class Light Cruiser Clanhome Arquitens-class Light Cruiser Deadalis Bandit Firespray-class Interceptor Puzzleflower YG-4210 Corellian Renegade Red Nebula Starfighter Corps

Known Associates:

(Under Construction)