Shards of Bogan

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The Shards of Bogan are stone pieces of a large construction known as Obelisk of Bogan, that was built on a long lost planet that presumably was destroyed when the star became a supernova. The word "Bogan" was formerly used by members of the Je'daii Order to describe the dark side of the Force. As implied by its name, the Obelisk was a conduit of the dark side, capable of harnessing its power into a potent destructive force. It was intended by its conceiver—the sorceress known as Daedra—to create such a wound in the Force that it would be possible to harness it.

Taking over three centuries to construct, the Obelisk was erected by legions of slaves. The materials used to build it were mined directly from the canyons of planet, which harbored an abundance of natural resources. Through Sith magic, the Obelisk's power was conjured by harnessing the very pain and the misery that was endured by the slaves who created it and lastly even their eventual death was used to imbue the obelisk with raw dark side energy. A wound in the Force was created from a massive and sudden loss of life, that occurred during the final stages of construction when Daedra killed most of her slaves who had been gathered from all corners of her domain in a single instant.

When the final stone was placed by the Daedra herself, the obelisk came to live and became a nexus of dark side energy. It was possible for the corrupting power of the Obelisk to be potent enough to affect those who were simply near it. Some of the Daedra's slaves, people who had no known sensitivity to the Force, were so affected by the presence of the Obelisk that they fell into madness and exhibited the appearance of one who had immersed themselves in the dark side.

Shard of Bogan
Type Stone formation

The legends say that Shards of Bogan were retrieved in the final days ( circa year -15650 ) of the stellar system that was a ticking timebomb before the star that gave life and energy would devour it all in a huge explosion as it turned in to a supernova. During these end times, the planet experienced huge tectonic shifts and storms on extinction scales, essentially turning away or killing anyone on the planet. As tectonic planes moved apart, large abysses were created that swallowed entire cities and mountains. When one of them opened right below the obelisk, the sorcerer Daedra used all her power to keep her huge creation floating, but it was not enough, soon she grew tired and exhausted. As the obelisk fell in to the abyss, she was able to summon her last strength to rip some of the pieces out of the almost solid structure and flung them to the safety. She was able to retrieve 4 shards that still retained some properties of the obelisk, one of them being the ability to become the conduits of dark side energy.

Shards that are currently owned by various individuals

ID#8193794 - this shard is in possession of Kyp Arkanus.

ID#8193795 - this shard is in possession of Hawke Tanor.

ID#8193797 - this shard is in possession of Paul Luz.

ID#8193796 - this shard is in possession of Belloq Tull.

Upon the death of Ethan Travis, various items from his explorations recently been put up onto the trading market. One of these is a Life Shard of Bogan. Little info is known about it other than the entries made from Ethan Travis which quoted that the Life Shard of Bogan was one of the only remains from the obelisk when it ripped itself apart. It is rumored to have special healing properties accustomed to the dark side, heeding a heavy price for those wishing to be cured of any ailment.

Shards are currently owned by one individual

ID#8693510 - this shard is in possession of Amelia Kolczynski.