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Skin colorPale, olive to grey
Hair colorNone
DistinctionsLack of pupils, pale, olive to grey skin color, huge craniums on their head[1]
Known MembersList of known Siniteen

The Siniteen are a race of hypertintelligent humanoids that process incredible mental abilities, naturally making them very good with any kind of electronics or computers.[1] Able to process huge calculations in their head, Siniteen have been known to process Hyperspace jumps without any computational aids. Although Siniteen can be found anywhere in the Galaxy today and due to their great brain powers are often part of the leadership of many corporations or governments, the Siniteen race is still one of the less often seen races, mainly due to Sinite's bad living conditions, still slowing down Siniteen expansion.[2]

Biology and appearance

Humanoid in nature, the Siniteen are characterized by their huge craniums, which are ridged and convoluted as if their brains were directly under their skin giving their entire head the looks of a brain lobe. They also have incredibly pale skin and pupil-less eyes. The lack of pupils causes most other races to mistrust the Siniteen since it is nearly impossible to know which direction they are looking.

Society and culture

Because of their incredible mental abilities, the Siniteen are invaluable members of the testing team for prototype starships as they can plot jumps to a safe haven if the navigation computer breaks down. Furthermore, because of their very developed brain, the Siniteen are a very emotional race; it is not hard to upset a Siniteen, but, on the other hand, making them laugh isn't that hard either. Overall, they are known as a very compassionate and sociable people.[1]

Having been part of the galactic community for thousands of years already[3] the Siniteen have adopted to the Galactic laws well. Their society forbids any kind of transgression of the law, which means that only a very small minority of the Siniteen ever become criminals.[3]

Although, or despite, of the fact they posess these mental abilities, the Siniteen give a prominent place to their religion in their society. As might be expected from them, their religion is mainly based on elements from numerology as well as some compley mathematical equations.[3]