Sirius Constantine

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Sirius Constantine †
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Sarah Constantine †
Father Valerius Constantine
Spouse Thali`a Constantine
Siblings None
Children Aiko Constantine

Thomas Constantine

Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Coloring Fair Skin, Blonde Hair
Eye Color Blue/Green
Political Information
Affiliation SFS.png

Sienar Fleet Systems

Rank Director of Production
Prior Affiliation BSW.png

Barab Spacewerkz
Aurora Technologies
Galactic Empire

Awards Imperial Academy Honors Graduate [IAHG]

Mentioned in Dispatches [MID]

Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM]

Early life

Born and raised in the CoCo district on Coruscant, Sirius Constantine enjoyed the advantages of a wealthy upbringing, his fathers business was a very profitable asset even before Sirius was born. Sirius alway had the best of everything growing up, his parents did not want him to want for anything, but that kind of privilege did not come cheap. Sirius was expected to excel in everything he did, whether it was his studies, or work. There was no doubt that his parents would hear if he didn't and would accept no excuses for anything less than the best. When Sirius wasn't busy with his studies, he worked for the family business.

Sirius never had any friends his own age growing up, his only had contact being with adults, which explains his quick development and maturity. Sirius had practically been raised in the cockpit, Valerius taught his son the controls of the ship from the time he was a toddler and very soon flying became second nature to him. By the time he was 12, Sirius was making short runs to trusted customers alone.

Sirius's father Valerius Constantine was a retired Imperial Navy Flight Sergeant. While in the service to the Empire, he piloted cargo ships that resupplied Imperial troops. His career as a supply pilot gave him the contacts, knowledge of local economies, and supply routes that he needed to build a very profitable trade company.

Sarah, Sirius's mother was a very beautiful woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very high level of intelligence. Sarah worked at home, keeping the records and accounts of the family business for her husband. Sarah did accompany her husband on trade runs from time to time, but she didn't enjoy the vastness of space in the same way that Valerius and Sirius did.

Valerius and Sarah

Valerius and Sarah had a differing opinions on how young Sirius should be educated. His father wanted Sirius to learn discipline, and attend the military academy, but his mother worried that his lack of social interaction would be detrimental to him and wanted him to develop the social skills that were more readily available from a public school. After long discussions a compromise was made, and Sirius Constantine was enrolled into one of the most prestigious boarding schools on Coruscant, known for its excellence in education and discipline, as well as social activities.

Sirius hated the school at first,mainly because it took him away from flying, but due to his upbringing he persevered and after a while he started to like it. He finished his education with excellent scores. The school also brought him out of his shell, and Sirius found he had developed a knack for making people feel at ease and making friends, especially with the ladies.


After graduation, Sirius spent the next few years working for his parents. Sirius had now reached and where he was old enough to take longer trips, and travel more dangerous routes. Sirius was involved in his first dogfight during this period, when he was attacked by 3 pirates flying T-wings. After defeating the band of cutthroats, he had the taste of combat, and he liked it. Working as a trader on the longer routes, Sirius would get into a number of fights with pirates who attempted to try and ambush him and hijack his cargo. Sirius's father Valerius had built a rich business, and the trade routes he used were getting more and more over-run by pirates. A week rarely went by without some kind of threat being made, or some form of extortion waged against his father's holdings.

One night as his mother was working in her office, a parcel was delivered, and exploded minutes later when she opened it, killing her instantly. After a thorough investigation, it was suspected that it was some pirate or smuggler ring that was responsible for sending the explosive, and that it was an assassination attempt of Sirius's father that went wrong. Unfortunately no suspects, or proof of which organization responsible was ever found. Devastated, Sirius's father became a recluse, and poured himself into his work, leaving for months and months at a time with no word.

On his 21st birthday, Sirius made the decision to take control of his own future. Fueled by his love of flying, and desire to see the galaxy, he walked into the nearest recruiters office a civilian, and walked out Sirius Constantine, Imperial Academy recruit.

Imperial Academy

Upon arrival at the Imperial Academy, Sirius knew right away that he had made the right decision. The complex was impressively massive, and a bustled with activity as students scurried to and fro as they rushed to their next class. The drills, the coursework, and strict disciplinary life, was exactly what he'd been looking for. While studying at the Academy, Sirius learned all about the Empire, its past, its current branches, protocals, what to expect from Imperial service.

A roadmap of his future suddenly lay before him. Under the tutelage of his training officer Santiano Salazar, Sirius studied hard, and graduated with honors, and was a recipient of the IAHG award. His love of flying, and desire for galactic travel made choosing the Imperial Navy as his branch of service an obvious choice. Flight Corporal Sirius Constantine was now ready to take on the galaxy.

Imperial Navy

Constantine was assigned to the Imperial Naval service on Year 12 Day 265. Due to graduating the Imperial Academy with Honors, his naval career began at the rank of Flight Corporal. Assigned to a squadron of Tie Interceptors, he spent countless hours in the cockpit, determined to make his mark in the Empire. The first milestone in Constantine's career had nothing to do with fighters, it involved capital ships. Less than a week after being promoted to Flight Sergeant, Constantine was given temporary command of his fleets Flagship during an operation. Constantine also commanded a VSD in the first ever inter-fleet wargame, all this at the rank of Flight Sergeant. Constantine was now certain that capital command was his destiny. With a desire to command on the bridge of a powerful warship, Constantine put fighter piloting behind him, and began honing his skills with capital class starships. Due to his superior skills, and loyalty, Constantine was the only enlisted Star Destroyer Commander in the Imperial Navy.

His social status also improved during this time. Not only did he strive for perfection in his work, but he also achieved the status of "King of Enlisted", a honorary title bestowed upon him by the previous "King" upon his departure.

All missions Constantine was involved in have been deemed CLASSIFIED by the Galactic Empire.

Year 13 Day 243 Command Flight Sergeant Sirius Constantine officially retired from Imperial duty.

Personal life

"Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition." - Sirius Constantine

Sirius has been described as somewhat arrogant, but in reality this is not the case at all, he is just extremely confident. He is known to be very laid back and friendly when out of uniform, and among his peers. At the same time, when in uniform and in an official capacity, he is highly disciplined, with a no-nonsense attitude. Sirius regularly haunts #arsenal, and #Hellions_Tavern.

Sirius married Charlotte Chambers, daughter of Dale Chambers. Their vows were taken aboard the VSD Ignivomous by their good friend Raffael Goschmitt. Several months later, it was revealed that the Dark Prince Banquo Knox, leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate, and not Dale Chambers, was Charlotte's father. Her personality began to change radically. She began consorting with the criminal element, spending less and less time with Sirius. His loyalty and duty to the Empire conflicted with his personal life, and eventually his marriage fell apart. A few months later, Charlotte disappeared.

Sirius then met Brialah Meshila, during a mugging in the dark corridors of Morut Station. After helping to nurse her back to health, the two were married aboard the station. They have one daughter, Aiko and an infant son Thomas.

Tragically, complications arose, and Brialah died during delivery of their son Thomas. Sirius was devastated and her death has had a lasting impact that he has never fully recovered from.

Daddy's Girl

Sirius and Aiko

Aiko Abigail Constantine, is her fathers pride and joy. Sirius is extremely protective of her, and would do, and risk anything to keep her safe. Nothing is more important to him. Her adopted 'uncle'; Pak Gjin, has also been known to keep a watchful eye on her. Aiko was trained in the Imperial Academy, and graduated with honors like her father. She chose a Naval career to follow in her fathers footsteps, but the career was short lived, and Aiko decided medicine would be her future. Aiko Constantine is now a well respected and sought after surgeon, being one of the most skilled doctors in the galaxy.

On Y14 D161, Aiko wed Ashara von Ismay in a small ceremony amongst friends and family. Unfortunately his daughters happiness was short lived. Ashara was found dead only a few months later. Few details have been released to the family, and is very unlikely that the full story is ever brought to light.

Sirius is by no means a womanizer, however, in his youth he did have a reputation as a ladies man. As a joke, his good friend Raffael Goschmitt gave him an award dubbed 'Woman Magnet'. He is known for his charm and flirtatious personality, considering himself cavalier, and rather debonair. Sirius treats all females with the respect they deserve, and the way he would expect anyone to treat his daughter. He has been known to attack men who have not treated a woman as a lady, a result of his upbringing.

On Y14 D318, after a short engagement, Sirius married Thali`a N`ightshade. Thali`a had been his best friend for a long time, after her recent divorce he made his move and took her as his wife. The ceremony was small, and attended by only a few family and friends.

Imperial Personnel Profile

General Information

Surname: Constantine

Given Name(s): Sirius

Race: Corellian, Class A Citizen

Gender: M

Rank: Command Flight Sergeant RETIRED, Imperial Navy

Service Number: IN-X69-999-969

Education: Imperial Academy Honors Graduate

Age: XX

Homeworld: Corellia,

Family: Thali`a Constantine (spouse), Aiko Abigail Constantine (daughter), Thomas Constantine (Son), Valerius Constantine (father), no siblings

Psychological Profile

Achievement attitudes: ambitious, compulsive, goal-oriented, initiative, motivated, obsessive. Also persistent, resilient.

Emotional temperament: composed, confident, content, impatient, secure, stable. Also lively, cheerful, silent, joyful, unpredictable.

Energy level: active, energetic, fast.

Intellectual factors: alert, attentive, creative, imaginative, inquisitive, intellectual, intelligent, observant, perceptive, studious, talented, logical.

Material attitudes: a hoarder, materialistic, rich.

Maturity: educated, knowledgeable, mature, resourceful.

Philosophical attitudes: flexible, positive, optimistic.

Physical attributes: physical, sane, strong, youthful. Also an insomniac.

Risk attitudes: Conflicting responses: adventurous, calculating, careful, daring, progressive, fortunate, cautious.

Task performance attitudes: a planner, accurate, adaptable, decisive, disciplined, hard-working, methodical, meticulous, neat, organized, precise, prompt, punctual, skillful, systematic, impractical, reflective.

Physical Description

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225 lbs

Build: Athletic, broad shouldered

Skin Color: White/Fair

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Blonde


Clean Shaven and well groomed, No distinguishing scars, or tattoos

Imperial Navy Service Record


[E-1] Recruit Year 12 Day 264 - Year 12 Day 265
[E-3] Flight Corporal Year 12 Day 265 - Year 12 Day 329
[E-4] Flight Sergeant Year 12 Day 329 - Year 13 Day 046
[E-5] Master Flight Sergeant Year 13 Day 046 - Year 13 Day 137
[E-6] Command Flight Sergeant Year 13 Day 137 - Year 13 Day 243


Imperial Academy Honors Graduate: Year 12 Day 265
King of Enlisted: Year 13 D142 - Year 13 D239

Aurora Technologies

The same day that Constantine's retirement from Imperial service was made official, he immediately joined the newly re-organized shipbuilding company, Aurora Technologies. The company restructuring, as well as a reunion with comrades and friends were the main reasons for a career change. Once under the banner of Aurora Tech, his future once again began to look bright and optimistic. During his stay at Aurora Technologies, Sirius learned the craft of building facilities, and the shipbuilding business.


[O-1] Engineer 4th Class Year 13 Day 243 - Year 14 Day 7

Barab Spacewerkz

After getting his feet wet in the shipbuilding business, Sirius jumped at the opportunity for more responsibility when he took the position as second in command of the fledgling company Barab Spacewerkz, diving into his work with zeal, determined to make BSW a success. After a few months, Sirius and his talented team, had caused the company to exceed its growth expectations expodentiously. It was at this time that the former CEO Kaylin Horuz was relieved of his duties and Sirius placed in complete control. Barab Spacewerkz is now argueably one of the fastest growing shipbuilders in the galaxy, maintaining its politicly neutral stance, offering quality product, and focusing on customer service. After 99 days, Sirius had taken a company with a net worth of 64,000 credits to over half a billion in assets. A decision was made by owners to close the company and continue on with a new venture..Sienar Fleet Systems.


Second in command Year 14 Day 7 - Year 14 Day 134
Chief Executive Officer Year 14 Day 135 - Year 14 Day 234

Sienar Fleet Systems

Sienar Fleet Systems, which had recently been dissolved due to bankruptcy, was re-established under new ownership. Constantine was named Director of Production in the hopes that he would once again turn a fledgling company into a shipbuilding powerhouse. Sirius brought with him the same ideals that worked so well in BSW..Hard work, and a fun environment for his subordinates, and excellent customer service with a quality product for the consumer. Sirius served as Sienar Fleet Systems director for just under one year, dying within just days of his one year service mark.


Director of Production Year 14 Day 234 - Year 15 Day 212


On Year 15 Day 212 Sirius Constantine was killed aboard a Tabder while doing his job that he loved so much. Despite the mysterious circumstance for his execution, one thing is known, he died as he lived, with his head held high in acceptance of his fate. Constantine is survived in death by his wife Thali`a N`ightshade Constantine who was with child at the time of his death, one daughter Aiko Constantine, one son Thomas Constantine, and his father Valerius Constantine, and many friends across the galaxy.