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Skoria icon4.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Nox Callias
Motto "Blood is earned."
Historical Information
Founded Year 18
Political Information
Affiliation None
Type Pirate Clan

Birthed from a need to cooperate or die, Skoria was originally a conglomeration of several smaller families, that over time grew to a point where familial lines blurred, and the clan itself was born. It has lasted through the ages, fluctuating in size and visibility through the eras, merging with various groups and families as necessary, but always maintaining the driving force of freedom of choice, and freedom to choose.

The clan is once again breaching into public view under the leadership of its current Imperatrix.



The leader of the clan is known as the Imperatrix, and generally will lead until death. They are responsible for all overruling decisions that affect the clan, from new members to trade agreements. If it has any substantial impact on the well being of the clan at large, it will pass by the Imperatrix first.


Elder clan members, revered.


A member that has sworn some degree of loyalty.


A clan member.


The clan placed little importance on birthplace or citizenship, and so had no official "state" as understood by galactic politics, gender also means little as everyone is considered equal. When it comes to family dynamics, clan members place no difference between a biological child or one who has been adopted, with those that join the clan being seen as family in their own right.


Laws in Skoria society and territory are lax at best, with no forbidden substances or weapons. Slavery is common place, with settlements frequently raided for new blood to go into the fighting pits and auctions.

Prejudice is not tolerated by Skoria, and though not a crime in and of itself, can result in civil punishments or temporary slavery as repayment for transgressions.

Conflicts are generally resolved with a trial by combat, or at the ruling of the Imperatrix, depending on the severity.


While the severity of the transgression determines the punishment, it can range from a simple apology, to a call for offending party to be put to death in the most extreme cases. Usually exile is preferred for the more severe transgressions, with the offender having their facial tattoos branded over to mark them as an outcast, but their lives spared for admitting their guilt.


FacTat 1Sk.pngFacTat 2Sk.pngFacTat 3Sk.pngFacTat 4Sk.png

Facial tattoos are used to signify a persons commitment to the clan, with a single horizontal line representing those that have sworn to protect the clan, and increasing vertical lines symbolising progressive oaths of allegiance that individual has taken. Socius are not required to take any of these oaths but the tattoos are a requirement for those that have, as a permanent reminder of what they have been sworn to.


Skoria owns and operates various establishments around the galaxy.


The most well known Skoria establishment is Crucible station, originally famed for its casino, the station has remained a neutral meeting grounds for all sentients of any walks of life.

The station itself is an exceedingly old, re-purposed colony station, with most of the interior accommodating having long since been gutted, and the exterior completely indistinguishable to what it originally looked like. It contains a large hangar and docking bay, with adjacent cargo holds. A trade hub overlooks the hangar bay, built into the wall of the vast open staging area and lavishly decorated with hanging silks and finery, adorned with comfortable cushions and chairs designed to accommodate the majority of sentients.

Further into the vast structure is a large inner dome, which houses the casino around the exterior of the dome, and the bar elevated onto a pillar in the centre. Too add to this picture of excessive debauchery there are several off shooting walk ways from the main bar, into hanging opaque chambers suspended from the ceiling like bubbles.

Of course, the station also houses the sanctum of the Imperatrix, the clan hall and an immeasurable array of corridors, access passes and winding tunnels beneath the main structures.



Nox Callias


Raysel Ishtar



Lisbethe Naevea
Dasha Blacklock
Redjon Mirrabel
Yasira Shran


Sasha de Silva - Exiled for the crime of oath breaking, sentenced to a life in slavery.


The following individuals have active bounties on them for crimes against Skoria, please contact Nox Callias for bounty redemption.