Sluis Proto Star

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Sluis Proto Star
Gas giant (Large).png
System Sluis (System)
Sector Sluis (Sector)
Galactic Coordinates (48, -380)
System Coordinates (12, 4)
Astrographic Entry Sluis Proto Star
Type Gas Giant
Primary Terrain: Gas Giant
Rotational Period 10 Standard Hours
Orbital Period 224 Standard Days
Population 8,994,730 inhabitants
Controlled By New Republic & Kerdos Company
Governor New Republic
Magistrate Doron Tristis

The Sluis Proto Star is a large gas giant in the Sluis system. The gas giant was on a path towards becoming a star (hence its name) but due to efforts by New Republic and Kerdos Company scientists involving the removal of surrounding gases in the system, the planet stabilized and no longer is on that path. The Sluis Proto Star is the only gas giant in the system. It is studied extensively by scientists due to its near-perfect circular orbit around the system's sun and because it's very fast rotation. The planet is host to millions of inhabitants on massive floating cities. It is the center of trade in the Sluis system.


There is not a lot of written history on the Sluis Proto Star before the Sluissi became a spacefaring society. The planet was too close to the Sluis star to be seen by the Sluissi from the ground. After they discovered space travel, the Sluissi took special interest in examining the planet and watching star formation for themselves. They charted trips to explore the planet and the effects on it caused by the nearby star. It wasn't uncommon for proposals to be made for the Sluissi to colonize the proto star much like Kerdos Company and the New Republic would later, but these proposals were ignored. The Galactic Republic agreed to not tamper with the Sluissi government's desire to let the proto star run its course.

Shortly after the First Galactic Civil War, with the Sluissi joining forces with the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic, the Sluis Proto Star once again became a major point of interest in the Sluis system.