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YT-510 Sojourner
Galactic Registry ID 82515
Production Date Year 3
Classification Passenger Shuttle
Model YT-510
Owner Vir Calder
ISB (previous)
Notable Event Shadowstone Affair

The YT-510 passenger shuttle now known as the Sojourner was initially purchased by Imperial Security Bureau chief Matrel Byden in Year 3 and given to an unnamed agent for an assignment deep in Rebel territory. Upon the completion of the unspecified mission in late Year 3, the ship returned to Imperial space, and since she could not be used by ISB again, Byden restored the ship to a near-new condition and gifted the ship to Vir Calder, the head of Imperial Research and Development. The ship was rumored to have been worked on extensively by IRD engineers while Calder led the department. On Year 4 Day 273, Calder piloted the shuttle, bearing the name Coronal Dancer at that time, out of his flagship Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone; the shuttle was to disappear for the subsequent 15 years.

In year 19, a customs officer secretly working with a underground intelligence network sighted a YT-510 shuttle refueling in the Northern Outer Rim, and it was eventually discovered that the ship, carrying the name Sojourner, was indeed the Coronal Dancer that was last seen in Year 4. The ship appeared to be in an impossibly pristine condition despite its age, and that description seemed to apply to Calder as well.

The Sojourner remains in Calder's possession to date. She is currently registered at the Chev Spaceport on the planet of Vinsoth in the Quelii Sector. She is regularly seen flying in and out of the Ternion Corps training grounds at Umalor on Vinsoth.