Soluun Afraad

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Soluun Afraad
Soluun Afraad Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld None (raised on a ship)
Mother Uldir Afraad née Vlakhrid (Alderaanian)
Father Spadfau Mielt Afraad (Gand and Barabel)
Marital Status Single
Siblings Cisuna Afraad, Lunei Afraad
Children None
Born Year -5 Day 83
Languages Basic, Shyriiwook
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 6 feet 5 inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic (Y17D82 – Present)
Rank Uberjester, Pilot, Junior Recruitment Officer, Reserves 2nd Lieutenant


Early Life

Soluun was raised on a large spaceship. Not much was known about her early life, but records state her parents were very wealthy. She was previously a citizen of the Galactic Empire, like her parents and grandparents. Soluun soon grew older and smarter, and distanced herself from her parents. Then, at age 20, she began frustrated with the Empire. She wanted to be free from the Empire's tyranny. She used a private holonet connection to view New Republic recruitment advertisements. After a hyperdrive malfunction, the ship was forced to make an emergency stop at Rodia, where Sol was able to bribe a crew member to obtain an escape pod while the ship's systems were offline. Soluun squeezed into the pod, but realized she did not understand the controls. As the ship turned back on, reports of a missing escape pod were quickly circulated, and Soluun was located within a few minutes. She locked the door, and as the crew tried to pry it open with a crowbar, Sol vainly punched the nearest few buttons she could. The pod smashed its way out pf the docking bay, and crash-landed on to the planet of Rodia.

Joined the New Republic

Although Soluun's escape pod was badly damaged, luckily Soluun herself was mostly fine. She had a few minor cuts and scratches, but the sheet of ice she had landed on proved inhospitable. After a few hours, she saw a small speck in the distance. At first she ignored it, but as it grew larger, she could plainly see a Kettrifee Air Mover speeding past her. She tried to broadcast on her radio, but it was broken. She jumped up and down, and waved clothing in the air until she was seen by the pilot, at last. The KAM stopped right at her, and picked her up. The pilot said that they were a member of the New Republic Army, searching for hostile bandits that had recently escaped a prison. They sent her to a nearby city, where she enlisted in the New Republican Navy due to her childhood love of spaceships and continued to serve there for a year. She founded Afraad Enterprises from the remains of Galactic Logistics Services, a startup company. She made friends of an affluent journalist, Esmerelde Du Bois. All was well until Y17D250.

Death of Esmerelde Du Bois and Discovery of Lunei

On Y17D250, her best friend, Esmerelde Du Bois, was assumed to be executed. Her final hologram to Soluun was "from a strange place, sitting on a bar stool with strange objects in the background", says Soluun herself. "Then Esmerelde said that she was being executed and the hologram closed. I suddenly got many of Esmerelde's assets too, soon." Soluun was horrified but had to keep going on. In honor of her, she named a YT-1300 she inherited AES Esmerelde Du Bois. On Y17D300, Soluun hired Yewic Guenusil to look into her mostly unknown family. Soon, on Y17D319, Yewic found about Lunei Afraad, Soluun's younger sister, and reported to Soluun. Soluun immediately messaged Lunei, introducing herself, the next day. Lunei was skeptical about the New Republic, but realized that it sounded far better than staying with her parents with limited freedom. After a few more days, Soluun had Lunei transported to her base space station, and then to her side. Lunei became Soluun's best friend.

Break from Action and Death of Crispin Sygnus

Soon after Lunei was discovered, Soluun took a 5-month break from the New Republic, returning to action on Y18D140 and realizing much had changed, but her friends were mostly still there. She incorporated back into the action soon and is still going. She soon was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Later, she purchased a C-3 to be her new flagship. Soon, she expanded Afraad Enterprises by purchasing five factories that she uses and rents out. She was soon promoted to Recruitment Manager in the Academy. Soon after purchasing her new factories, another one of her friends died. This time, it was assumed to be of natural causes, and she was given a Class 720 Freighter as specified in his will. Keeping with her tradition, she named it AES Crispin Sygnus in honor of his life. She was slightly depressed, but worked to ensure his memory would live forever. She kept pushing onward in life. She kept going with her plans to build a Shipyard III, and got ready to buy the materials.

Kidnapping by Argon Nightwish

After her arrival at the Fourth Uli Memorial Swap Meet, Argon Nightwish contacted her about installing locks on his Jailspeeder on Y18D297. Soluun agreed, and climbed she climbed into the vehicle. As she got her toolkit and started putting in the doors, she checked the vehicle logs. The vehicle had only been bought today, and Argon was a pirate. Something was wrong. She continued the installation late into the night, when she saw the vehicle tractored into a docking bay. She halted lock installation, and when the ship got to orbit, it was deposited into the hangar bay of a stolen Eidola Home One. Argon then boarded the Jailspeeder and attempted to arrest her, but failed due to Soluun's expertise at hiding in small spaces. When Argon's back was turned, she quickly docked the vehicle and herself into her C-3's hangar bay and escaped.

Second Leave of Absence

Soluun soon went to manage personal assets and took another five-month break from the New Republic, and returned to find her Recruitment position demoted. Soluun had changed. She no longer enjoyed shooting at Imperials and found a job at the New Republic's ship production company, Incom Corporation, on Y19D133 and was issued the rank Pilot. She began ship production immediately, and loved her new job. She bought new raw materials for her deep space base and prepared to build it. As the previous Uberjester of the New Republic, Lola Lunar, resigned and left, there was a large gap that was quickly filled by Interim Uberjester Shu Shei Dael, but since he did not believe himself to be mentally ill enough for the permanent position, Soluun volunteered, backed by the Minister of State Huw Roon. She managed ARGH efficiently and is rumored to be devising a plan for automatic pie throwing droids.

Cisuna Afraad

On Year 19 Day 139, Soluun received an unknown signal. Its' sender's name was Cisuna. The message was somewhat cryptic, but after decoding Soluun realized "Cisuna" needed her help. Cisuna claimed to be a genetic experiment, created with the DNA of her parents. He was bred to be a fighter, however he was too strong. He overthrew that laboratory, and requested her help as backups were on their way to capture him. Soluun quickly sent Lunei off in her flagship C-3 Passenger Liner, AES Prime [Luxury]. Lunei jumped into hyperspace with only the ship, the Sprints AES Heal, and a ton of Bacta. She exited hyperspace at the laboratory and quickly descended to the planet. She found Cisuna in the command center, and pulled him into the Sprint as the reinforcements arrived. They quickly docked in the C-3 and jumped away before any damage could occur. Soluun gave him the last name Afraad because he was made from the genetic material of her parents, although a species test tested him to be Human. He joined the New Republic with her and is hoping to enlist in the New Republican Army Command.