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SoroSuub Corporation
SoroSuub Corporation Logo Year 13.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Anakin Aikinar
2IC Johannes Marsh
Owner CryoMed Group
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 73 (see: SoroSuub Corporation (Years 5-10))
Year 16 Day 237 (re-established)
Political Information
Affiliation CryoMed Group
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite SoroSuub Corporation

SoroSuub Corporation is a ship-manufacturing company currently under the ownership and control of the CryoMed Group.


SoroSuub Corporation was founded on Sullust several hundred standard years ago. From its roots as a ship production company, it grew and diversified. It acquired several other companies in several other industries, and stopped at nothing to expand its holdings. After over a hundred years of growth, SoroSuub Corporation became the largest employer in the Sullust system. It employed more than ¾ of the working population, and it had very lose ties to the culture, government, and lifestyle of the population.

Merger with Galactic Riviera

Under the leadership of Count Irving Howie, the company flourished. One of its major growth points happened when it merged with Galactic Riviera. Through talks with Al`dindra C`boath and Corran Halcyan, the two conglomerates became one, doubling the number of corporations under the command of the new collective whole. This greatly improved the wealth of both groups, as they centralized themselves at the already established Sullust bases of SoroSuub Corporation, and were able to streamline administrative processes and departments.

Later, with secret goal of overthrowing the Sullsutian government, the company expanded its political influence and poised itself for a strike against the government. Sadly Count Howie disappeared before he was able to guide his corporation to its greatest victory; however, before his disappearance, he named a new leader to carry on in his stead. Count Adam A Flynn took over leadership of this giant corporation in the final days of its ascent to power, and carried on in Irving’s mission. Several weeks later, SoroSuub Corporation, controlling a majority of seats in the Sullustian Government, took over, naming its leader, Adam A Flynn, as the Lord High Chancellor of Sullust. With the help of many others Count Adam A Flynn administrated the Sluis sector, with major bases at Bpfassh, Sullust, Dagobah and Omwat.

The rise of SoroSuub is made more meteoric by the speed at which this small shipbuilding company developed. Taken over by Irving Howie only 18 months beforehand, SoroSuub merged with Galactic Riviera a few months later and started developing Sullust – building hospitals, houses and places to work. In the elections SoroSuub was elected as the government of Sullust an continued to expand and grow.

Within the next few months, SoroSuub founded several more companies and quickly realized that it could not only become the largest government in the galaxy, but also the largest vendor of weapons, armour, medical supplies, tools, ships, and vehicles. With this in mind, deep space shipyards were commissioned – giant, solar-powered stations wit the capacity to build ships hundreds of meters in length. Factories were built, creating jobs for many people, and research was commissioned to design products for both military and civilian use. At this time, SoroSuub Corporation owned a conglomerate of seven other corporations.


Shortly after the establishment of SoroSuub as a government, the Galactic Empire recognized that SoroSuub could be a threat to their power and former Galactic Emperor, Vodo Bonias, sent a Sith Lord to murder a man whom he believed to be a senior military member of SoroSuub. The assassin was arrested on approach to Sullust, and after some negotiation agreed to hand over Imperial security codes for his freedom.

Within a few days, the SoroSuub military launched a raid on the system of Kuat, a major Imperial base. Using the stolen Imperial security codes, several hundred fighters and small shuttles were loaded into heavily modified SoroSuub capital ships. On the return to Sullust, these ships were intercepted by an Interdictor cruiser and boarded. In the ensuing battle, many of the Imperial fighters were released before Emperor Bonias was defeated in his duel with Owyn Darklighter and fled – leaving more than half the stolen ships in SoroSuub custody.

SoroSuub later declared its complete rejection of Imperial rule, and it joined the Rebel Alliance (among others) in their intention to bring freedom and justice to the Galaxy; a stance it has maintained through several changes in ownership.

New Republic

SoroSuub Corporation was then made up of itself and seven other corporations. Each of these other corporations played a unique role in the SoroSuub Corporation. Personnel in all of these corporations were considered equal to members of SoroSuub Corporation itself, and they all worked together to build a better future for themselves and SoroSuub. To make this future even better SoroSuub Corporation and the Rebel Alliance started talks on creating an even more powerful government. The New Republic.

Once the New Republic was a reality SoroSuub reverted back into the ship-building corporation it once was. This time it had Azriel Pitot at the helm and began developing its shipyards in the Sluis system to supply the newly formed New Republic.

Rogue Squadron

The New Republic later engaged in consolidation efforts regarding its directly owned subsidiary corporations and SoroSuub's unique technologies, along with most of its assets, became the property of Incom Corporation. The name itself was preserved and reformed under Rogue Squadron.

CryoMed Group

On Year 12, Day 314, SoroSuub Corporation is acquire by CML Group with the purpose of building CML Group Fleet and to reinforce there public sales by enlarging there offer now to ship's.


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