Sovan Theln

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Sovan Theln
Theln Locargix.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Aryn Theln
Father Halansor Theln
Siblings Alena Theln (sister)

Leli Theln (sister)

Children None
Born Year -12 Day 145
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 metres
Coloring Light tan
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Ardenian Drive Yards
Rank Chairman
Positions Owner, leader
Prior Affiliation Hapes Consortium, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Commerce Collective, Hyper-Communications Cartel, Dark Skies Gearworks, Tion Hegemony
"We only get a few moments that define our lives. Some people only get one. Make your moments count."
— Sovan Theln

Sovan Aryn Theln, a Hapan born on Year -12 Day 145, is an expatriated Hapan soldier. The only male among the children of his parents, he has taken it upon himself to protect his family at all costs. He has served in a number of governments and companies, never quite finding the place he fits in best at. That all changed when he founded the Ardenian Drive Yards with Javin Zittoun.


"Never bore your audience."
— Sovan Theln

Sovan, as with most sentients in the galaxy, has a complex personality that has been formed by his time in the Hapan military, as a business man, and as a wreck-recycler. He both enjoys the simple things in life as well as the more complex nature of society. Though he enjoys capital ships, he also spends a lot of time in his bulk freighter.

Being knowledgeable with finances and management is not all that Sovan is capable of. He also possesses a helpful personality. He always attempts to help when and where he can and however much he can. It goes without saying that this trait helped him rise to the position he is in today and has played a crucial role in shaping his life.

Despite many setbacks in his life, Sovan always attempts to maintain a positive outlook in whatever way he can. It is unknown why he is so effective with coping with stress and conflict, although he wasn't always this way. At several points in his life, his personality was more negative. It is believed that he has learned to better himself with the help of Mira Scylla, his longtime friend from the Consortium.


Early Years

Sovan Theln was born into a middle-class Hapan family on the planet Hapes. He is the son of mother Aryn Theln, a gardener in one of the many royal gardens of Hapes, and father Halansor Theln, a local shopkeeper. He was named after Aryn's father, a gardener by the name of Sovanth, who died only three weeks before he was born.

Sovan had many friends through his educational career. Though he attempted to participate in many activities with his friends, he tended to spend a lot of time with one of his best friends: Mira Scylla. Mira graduated from the same collegiate institute as Sovan and lived a few blocks down the street.

Service in the Hapes Consortium

Being the nation he was born into, the Hapes Consortium was the beacon of light in Sovan's early years. He enjoyed the fantastic displays of military might and the public appearances of the Royal Hapan family. Coming from a middle-class family, Sovan had no idea that one day he would become a captain of a Hapan capital ship and would play a role in the defence of the Consortium itself.

The Beginning

He signed up for military service for the Hapes Consortium close to his 22nd birthday. He was assigned to the 2nd Line Fleet, a fleet that defends the Interior Worlds Region. When he arrived at the Hapes Prime Starport, he was greeted by Commodore Lamento Solar who invited him on-board his ship. Proceeding to space, he elaborated on who Sovan would take commands from. After a short hyperspace trip, he arrived in Abaem where he was shown to his ship, the Miy'Til fighter.

As he progressed in the Hapes Consortium, he began to learn more about the Consortium itself. He volunteered for many activities for Hapes, and earned a promotion to Petty Officer decently fast.

Discovering Desires and Making Changes

It was then that he realized what he wanted, a ship. Not just any ship though - he wanted a Marauder-Class Corvette. He began the trek by signing up for a InterGalactic Bank savings account.

Sovan began to enjoy the benefits of wealth near the later parts of his career in the Hapes Consortium.

About a month later, a Consortium-wide lottery raffle won him his first ship, a Firespray-class Interceptor. Figuring that he couldn't make much use with a Firespray, he sold it to a fellow Hapan. This got him closer to his goal of the Marauder-Class.

He then decided it was time for a change. After having arguments with his line officers, he asked for a transfer to another line. He was granted the request and began work in a more peaceful environment.

After a few months of service in his new squadron, Sovan was offered a new rank opportunity in the fleet by Commodore Solar. He was offered a position as Line Executive Officer of a new line. He, of course, accepted and a new squadron was born.

Leaving Hapes

A few months went by after the new line was born, Sovan was able to purchase his Maruader which he named Theln'nëta Sënnëh Erenedi (translated: Theln Family Ship Paragon). He renovated the Marauder to include a family armoury, new residences, and an updated wine cellar for his collection of wines from around the galaxy.

Sovan decided it was time to look into further opportunities. The Consortium, he felt, was a job that did not have a lot of opportunities for him. With promotions that were excruciatingly slow to achieve and did not have any more significance than an increase of pay, this harmed Sovan's belief that he could make a positive difference in the Consortium and make his family proud. Coupled with further disagreements with other Hapans, Sovan decided to submit his letter of resignation to his superior officers.

Service in the Hyper-Communications Cartel

Making Connections

Sovan, prior to leaving the Consortium, performed extensive research on an ancient society known as the Arkanian Dominion. Long since extinct, the society once dominated the Arkania sector now ruled by Mandalore. When he resigned from the Consortium, in admiration of the society they once built, he set course for Arkania in his Marauder to meet up with a Mon Calamari named Edgeman Riman.

After negotiations between Edgeman and Sovan, they agreed that a second Arkanian Dominion would be a good basis to start a new group with. Recognizing some financial issues that come with starting a new country, they decided they should bring the idea to the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Siejo Kutol. They discussed admittance into the Confederacy in the Dominion's flagship Erenedi. Siejo gladly decided to sponsor the Cartel's application in response to their help with Confederacy business.

They were joined by a woman by the name of Amarath Sha`Mordare. Amarath also wanted to help the Arkanian Dominion in whatever way she could. After earning the trust of Amarath, she decided to give ownership of her favourite ship, the Hammerhead Cruiser Immaculate, to Sovan. Sovan had the privilege of honouring Amarath in a ceremony dedicated to Amarath.

Rediscovering Purposes

"...and it was the moment that we decided we wanted to pursue entrepreneurship and build a company that we decided to stop being the Arkanian Dominion. It was that moment that we decided to form the Hyper-Communications Cartel."
— Sovan Theln during an interview with the Shadowfeed News Network

After a few months of being with the Arkanian Dominion,

Sovan during his service in the Hyper-Communications Cartel. In this image, he smiles for the camera after announcing the birth of the company.

Sovan and Edgeman discovered that the country most likely would not succeed if it was maintained in that form. It would need to be downsized and redesigned if it were to have any chance in the galaxy. They needed a plan. It was at that moment where Sovan and Edgeman both determined the best course of action would be to change the Dominion into a company.

With the birth of the Hyper-Communications Cartel on Year 13 Day 145, Sovan decided he wanted to consolidate his assets into one account for the organization to benefit from. He renamed the Erenedi to Heritage and added it to the Cartel's fleet. He also added the Immaculate to the Cartel's fleet as its flagship. He donated millions of credits and several businesses he owned to the Cartel in hopes it will succeed.

The Cartel in the Confederacy

Sovan's decision to start the Arkanian Dominion didn't come without influence from Siejo Kutol, a Nautolan who Sovan had considered to be a long time friend. It also was with the influence of Siejo and his Confederacy of Independent Systems that Sovan decided to take the Dominion down another path to becoming the Hyper-Communications Cartel. One of the benefits of these changes was a new agreement with the Confederacy that allowed the Cartel to join the union as a protected group and later a member faction, by unanimous vote in favour of the deal by the Confederate Senate.

With Siejo's assistance and guidance, Sovan was able to build the Cartel's fleet, communications network, and coordinate the construction of the Cartel's capital city Ardenia.

The Cartel in the Galactic Commerce Collective

"I learned something that I probably should have thought about long before I signed that contract: if someone is trying to get you to do something that sounds and looks far too good to be true, it probably isn't."
— Sovan Theln looking back during an interview on his time with the Hyper-Communications Cartel during its membership in the Galactic Commerce Collective.

The Hyper-Communications Cartel had some initial troubles in the beginning. Funding was low, with all the salaries being paid for by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Despite Sovan's attempts of guiding the Cartel to newer and better things, it simply wasn't going to plan. Sovan wasn't going to give up though, and after talks with Kain Elderan, a businessman from the Galactic Commerce Collective ("GalCom"), he determined the best course of action would be to join forces with GalCom to improve the way of life for Cartel members.

It wasn't that Siejo's offer back in the Confederacy wasn't good, but rather that Kain's offer seemed to be better for the Cartel's members. All Sovan cared about was whether his members were paid and if they had work, and Kain's offer kept those topics in mind. In exchange for access to all the raw materials from the conglomerate for free, salaries guaranteed from GalCom, and work from GalCom, all the Cartel would have to do would be to join the conglomerate. Sovan would be able to lead the Cartel without any interference from GalCom, within reason of course, and be able to leave the Conglomerate with the Cartel whenever he desired. There was nothing to lose, he thought.

At first it went quite well, with members never having complained once about their salary. With a steady influx of work and a news article ready to be posted to the Galactic News Service, Sovan himself could find no faults.

Then sovereignty over his own faction became an issue.

With Kain seeing many factions using "training programmes" to train their members, he saw a unique opportunity. While also training members, they served as a way to weed out those who wouldn't last long in the line of work they were going into. He ordered all factions to submit incoming members to a single stream training programme. Sovan's deal with GalCom stated that he had rights to lead his company as he saw fit and with a lot of work to be accomplished, he needed his members working and not participating in some boot camp on another planet. He took his concerns to Kain, who denied them fully.

The following day, after months of not hearing from him, the Cartel's second-in-command Edgeman Riman contacted Sovan. Sovan had been working hard to build the Cartel from scratch while his second-in-command was nowhere to be found. It was a surprise to Sovan, but something wasn't right.

Removal from the Cartel

Sovan's removal from the Cartel was to be expected. With the disagreements with Kain Elderan, the owner and Executive Chairman of the conglomerate, Sovan thought it was best to consider looking for another place for the Cartel. It was at that moment when Edgeman Riman took a turn and Sovan's trust was abused. Edgeman decided that the Cartel belonged in GalCom and that Sovan's services were no longer needed.

It surprised Sovan when he walked into his office aboard the C-3 Passenger Liner [HCC] Winter, or what was his office, on the morning of Year 13 Day 247. Movers were carrying out his possessions in boxes. He did not understand what was going on because word of his firing did not reach him. He did know however that something was wrong.

He immediately traveled to the bridge of the Winter. Coming out of the elevators he was met by two guards, both of which were his personal guards when he was present on the bridge. They invited him to come with them. They took him to the holo-terminal and activated a message from GalCom Corporate Headquarters. Sovan watched the hologram tell the crew and the rest of the Cartel and GalCom fleets of crimes he did not commit. He was accused of high theft of two hundred and fifty million credits, conspiracy to commit treason, conspiracy to commit a coup d'etat, and theft of the Winter itself. He watched as all he built was taken away from him. Sovan was stun cuffed and taken to the Winter's on-board detention centre.

Service in the Dark Skies Gearworks

An Unexpected Invitation

"Countess Lilith was someone that understood my position. I was wronged, and she knew that. She offered me a way to escape that nonsense. I would have been a fool to turn that offer down."
— Sovan Theln describing his decision to work for Lilith Kaine-Delcroix.

Shortly after being removed from his Chairman position and being placed under arrest, Sovan was contacted through his private holonet receiver by

Sovan after a while of working with the Dark Skies Gearworks's recycling department.

Countess Lilith Kaine-Delcroix who had an invitation for him to work for her in the Dark Skies Gearworks. She offered more than just a job: she offered a career, a change in life style, and a way to escape all the political madness that haunted Sovan for as long as he could remember.

When he was brought aboard the bridge prior to being captured, he recognized the system where he was being taken: the Aphran system in the Bilbringi sector. He knew where he would make his escape, but he needed to think of how. Sovan planned his escape every day for weeks. He knew the ship had several escape pods and no external weapons. Even better, one of the many escape pod launch bays were just down the hallway.

Sovan contacted Lilith again with his final destination. He knew the Collective was not about to let someone leave the confines of his cell; he was even convinced the Collective would rather see him killed than escape. After telling Lilith his destination and estimated time of arrival, several Dark Skies Gearworkers came to his rescue, awaiting when he would drop out of hyperspace. When a passing guard walked past his jail cell, Sovan pickpocketed the key. He would not make his escape yet for fear that the rest of the ship would notice he was gone. He was clever enough to wait.

When the ship dropped out of hyperspace, Sovan acted quickly. He opened the key and rushed down the hallway out of sight of guards to the nearest escape pod. He set coordinates to dock with a Gearworks vessel and launched his escape pod, knowing the Winter was not equipped with weaponry to stop his escape.

A Second Lease On Life

The Death of a Former Friend

"The death of Edgeman came at such a shock to me and my family. Sure the man who betrayed me was dead, but a part of me still wondered if it could have ended slightly different if he hadn't shown up just before we were about to take our leave from the Galactic Commerce Collective. He could still be alive today."
— Sovan Theln

Taking Leave Again

The Tion Hegemony

A Short Time in the Hegemony

The Ardenian Drive Yards

Personal Ships

The Hammerhead Cruiser Immaculate
The Marauder-Class Corvette Heritage
Sovan Theln's Personal Transport
The BFF-1 Bulk Freighter Legacy

Sovan's personal fleet consists of four ships: the Hammerhead Cruiser Immaculate, the Marauder-Class Corvette Heritage, the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter Legacy, and his personal Delta-12 Skysprite.

The story behind Sovan's fascination with capital-class starships began at a young age when he was back in the Hapes Consortium. Of course, there were always grand shows of the Consortium's military power over the skies of Hapes Prime. He was fascinated by the Battle Dragons and the Nova Battle Cruisers. The squadrons of Miy'Til were only a side show to him. The real thrill was with capital ships