Space Chinchilla

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M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner
Space Chinchilla
ME MonCal3 zpsa30e0df6.png
ClassCapital Ship
AffiliationMeteora Enterprises
Navigational Stats:
Sublight Speed20 MGLT
Turbo Lasers0
Tractor Beams0
Ion Batteries0
Heavy Lasers0
Cargo Stats:
Weight250,000 T
Volume4,000,000 m³
Weight Cap2,400 T
Volume Cap23,000 m³
Max Passengers800
Hull Stats:
Length500 m
Deflector Shields600
Ionic Capacity400


The Space Chinchilla was launched Year 12 Day 332 at the Trilon starport. She was assigned Galactic ID number 244370 upon launch. She was commissioned as the flagship of Meteora Enterprises on Year 13 Day 353. Given the nature of the Great Animosity Plague as it began to spread over the galaxy it was decided to decommission the Space Chinchilla on Year 14 Day 353 as the Flagship of ME. A new flagship with more defensive capabilities is expected from their shipyards in the days ahead. During her time as a flagship she reportedly carried at least two squadrons of Y-Wings to defend her against pirates.


ME Space Chinchilla.png