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Spectre was officially recorded by Galactic Office of Trade on Day 327 of Year 21. The first headquarters of Spectre was in New Garretton (9,3) on Fitca Prime.


Spectre was in essence a phoenix rising of a previous business held by Nikolaj Eyre that was founded on Day 177 of Year 17 called Aeyris. Like Spectre, Aeyris, was a manufacturing concern. Aeyris had been founded on Saarn in city 0,12. Nikolaj had passed control of Aeyris to Valeriya Eyre on Day 178 of Year 17. Valeriya would be replaced on Day 65 of Year 18 by Raptor Cardel. Aeyris had ceased function at some time between Year 18 and the founding of Spectre, however the exact date is lost to the annuals of time.

Spectre Logo.png
General Information
Leader Anassa Valeriya Eyre
2IC Nikolaj Eyre
Status Active
Motto Victorus aut Mortis
Headquarters Kothlis (System)
Historical information
Founder Nikolaj Eyre
Date of Establishment Year 15 Day 9
Political Information
Industry Mercenaries