Spek Toekom

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Spek Toekom
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Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean
Homeworld Gamorr
Mother Snarlass Toekom (presumed dead)
Father Durk Tong(Dead)
Spouse Dolph Annix (1st Husband)
Siblings 57 (all presumed dead)
Children 1st Litter (13 boys , 1 girl , Y20 D127 )
Born Y 13 D100 (Age 7)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 4'11 or 150cm
Weight 70 kg or 150 pounds
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Toekom Clan , Baummu Orbital Automated Recycling



Escaping Gamorr

Aurodium Legion's rapid development threaten the way of life of many Gamorrean Clans. Many clans became desperate, before the non-combatants of clans were not killed in raids but with the land available getting smaller and smaller attackers slaughtered smaller clans. Spek Toekom's clan was destroyed. Spek managed to smuggle her way to the Legion's capital along with 3 of her Tuskers that once worked her Land Dolph Annix , Ian Verasx and Duke Marh all of which were trying to woo Spek to become Warlords. The 4 of them dodged many Legion patrols and heard news of Powerful Warriors assembling at Nimban , with all but the last of her wealth Spek bribed a ship captain to take them to Nimban with intentions to find these warriors to liberate her home. Spek knew that she will probably never see her home again but she kept hope in finding someone to aid her in the fight.

Life on Nimban

The ship touched down at Nimban's starport it unloaded its cargo and Spek stepped out on her 1st glimpse on another planet. It felt strange she felt lighter , the air smelt different not bad just different. She approached a group of people to ask where the strong warriors were , to her shock they couldn't understand a word she was saying. Spek tried to gesture to make her point felt but the gesture for warrior caused the people to flee, Spek returned to the ship captain and asked him about the Strong Warriors , He explained to her that the people that meet on Nimban once a year are rich people for trading there wears, as wealth and strength are one in the same on Gamorr Spek thought these people would be her saviour. The captain also informed her that the event had finished for this year they had all left the week prior. Saddened by this new Spek thought that she had to find a way to make a fresh start here on Nimban. Spek ventured out to the grassy plains of Nimban with aspirations to hunt for food and to claim a plot of land to farm.

First Hunt

On traveling west from the city Spek stumbled upon a pack of wild squall her and Dolph Annix fought them using sticks while the other 2 tuskers set up a small hunting camp, one of the squall took a hard hit it squealed in pain it began to flee and the others followed it , the 2 tuskers setting up the camp were left behind as Dolph and Spek charged after them not wanting them to escape. It took a couple of days of hit and run attacks until both Spek and Dolph had killed a Squall each, both full of adrenaline from the fight they spent the night together as if they were man and wife, before returning to camp. This seemed to be the start of a new clan if they could make it through the winter. the next few days past chasing the Squalls killing a few each day until they were all killed, a group of bandits stumbled across the Camp and laid fire to it the Group managed to escape but lost the hides from the squalls , the group ran heading to the city.

Nenya Business

South of Nelvaan The Capital of Nimban , Spek Toekom was in the area hunting Squall and Gizka with Dolph Annix , Ian Verasx and Duke Marh they had spread out to cover more area ,Unaware to Spek bandits had been spotted terrorising the populous and raiding convoys the Mandalorian Nenya Plaure took a job to scout out the Bandits to ascertain their numbers and location and to report back with this information. Spek had been shot in the arm by a bandit at range, Spek charges and swings her staff at what She thought was a bandit a Zeltron Woman, the Zeltron blocked the 2nd attack with her Force pike the 2 locking shafts the Zeltron used her Pheromones to send Spek into a rage knocking the Zeltron to the floor bashing her throat with the staff pinning her. All Spek could say in the rage was "YOU HAVE NO HONOUR". The Zeltron upon hearing this asked "why would a bandit care about honour" with this being said spek looked around and couldn't find a blaster or an range weapon of any kind, the pair spot the bandits approaching and her Clan mates behind them Spek charges towards them drawing the blaster fire distracting them so that Dolph and the other tuskers could subdue them leaving just 1 bandit standing a Duros , the Duros shot Spek in the leg causing her to falter , upon seeing this the Zeltron threw her Pike impaling the Duros in the chest. after the battle the Zeltron revealed her to be Nenya Plaure

Piglets in Blankets

Spek heard that the Swap Meet that happens at Nimban every year also had a half year meet up at a different planet every spring. This year was Malastare, she hoped to find allies at the meet, "maybe rich people can pay strong people" she thought. During the meet she met many people all of which had sympathy but none were willing to help. After the Swap Meet on Malastare had offically ended. Spek was watching as the people who had decided to stay a few extra days were packing up their stalls, she had made many new friends while helping Karai Darkstar Raffle off her un used assets.Suddenly Spek felt her piglets moving inside her and rushed over to the Pizza Tent she had learnt prior that the host was a Doctor Sapphera Sarcoph and had even jokingly said she would help is any issues came up with the babies while the swap was happening. Spek nervously said to Sapphera that she think the babies are coming soon. The pair rushed to the hospital in Pixelito and quickly found a room. Spek insisted that Sapphera was the one to deliver her babies. The Dugs working there had little experience with Gammoreans so agreed. Dolph arived shortly befor Sapphera walked in the room in full medical gear. The Twilek Dr coached Spek through the birthing process and after about 20 minutes of pushing and screaming the 1st piglet was born, holding him for the 1st time Spek said that he was special and should be kept away from the others handing him to Dolph, hours pass as one after another 12 more piglets were born and wrapped in blankets, all boys. Sapphera exclaimed "Just 1 more to go Mamma you are doing great" Spek faints as the last piglet is born the body knowing it had ended. Spek comes round to being handed a little Girl Piglet, she was ecstatic screaming about having a daughter. The piglets were Born Y20 D127 in the city of Pixelito on Malastare.