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One of the first craft that was ever built on Sullust was called the Sorosuub MkI planetary fighter. They first went into production almost fifty years ago, due to rising tensions in the galaxy. The MkI was designed from the ground up by some of the most brilliant minds that were available. It used cutting edge communications and sensors arrays for the time of its conception. It was also one of the most heavily armed fighters in the galaxy. As other designs have continued to be improved, the MkI soon became a rather middle of the road anti-fighter solution. Currently, the MkI has severe limitations when compared with some of the more advanced fighters in the galaxy. However, it has been able to maintain a moderate share of the market despite the improved competition. The MkI is well armed, and is one of the few fighters that are currently configured with ion cannons. The MkI’s real shortcoming is the lack of a hyperdrive, which keeps it tethered to a planetary base or a carrier ship. That fact gives the MkI a major disadvantage over fighters that are able to arrive and depart at will. The time spent loading and unloading fighters from planetary bases, or large capital cruisers causes critical delays. This problem also causes short periods of vulnerability while the fighters are undocked from their respective bases. The popularity of this particular model has been quite successful. It has been used throughout the entire galaxy by a number of groups. Despite the age of this fighter it is still in production, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.


This ship is affiliated to the Incom Corporation.


The estimated price of the raw materals required to build this ship is 53,322.

This starfighter has an estimated production cost of 78,820 credits.

Materals Amount
Quantum 23
Meleenium 240
Ardanium 18
Rudic 21
Rockivory 16
Tibannagas 16
Lommite 8


Weapon Amount
Ion Cannons 1
Heavy Lasor 2


Navigation Stats - Cargo Stats - Hull Stats
Hyperspeed 0 Weight 40 T Lenguth 18 m
Sublight Speed 60 MGLT Volume 400 m³ Hull 80
Max Speed 600 km/h Weight Cap 0.0000 T Deflector Shields 20
Maneouverability 7.00 Volume Cap 2 m³ Ionic Capacity 15
Sensors 1 Max Passangers 1 EMC 0

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