Sylesta Orion

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Sylesta Orion
Biographical Information
Race Human (Thyferran)
Homeworld Thyferra
Spouse Corvis Orion
Children Irving Jaken Orion
Illyria Trillian Orion
Born Y-11 D264
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Title Minister of Indoctrination
Rank Socius

Sylesta Orion (born Year -11 Day 264) is the Minister of Indoctrination of Black Sun.


Life & Family

Sylesta Orion grew up on Thyferra in a loving, if Imperialistic, home. While she was growing up the Galactic Empire had a very strong presence in the system. She never got on with her parents, as she was a bit of a free spirit, but rather she took after her Aunt Rosalyn. Her father was a businessperson from Coruscant, who met her mother on a bacta farm in which he was interested in investing; Orion's mother was one of the farm hands.

Orion's father made a lot of money from that deal and Sylesta grew up in the middle class human centric world. Due to her parent’s long hours of work, her primary influences were her grandparents Casandra and Arthur Daniels. She spent a lot of time with them as a child and their stories of travel beyond the world of Thyferra inspired her imagination. Her Aunt Rosalyn also told her tales of her travels and Orion found herself wanting to see the world.

She loved medicine and, as a wild spirit, she went on to study it. She was a fast learner and a prodigy, and graduated from a good university with a medical diploma. She was checking out the local bars when she saw a flyer for a chance to get away and continue her studies.

Riviera Medical, a member of the Sorosuub Corporation, called to her. Her leave was further assured due to a heated conversation with her Uncle Stephen, a man she only met twice in a bar, and an argument that forever damaged her familial relationships. Her grandparents passed away in their sleep some years before, so at 18 she headed out into the wider world.

Orion joined Riviera Medical and spent a lot of time working with both the military and civilian sectors. It was through this she would meet both her first and second husbands and in very similar circumstances. She met her first husband Dracul Elensar when she was relaxing in a bar. They hit it off and it was a short whirlwind romance; she married and found herself welcomed into an eclectic family of associates. She was working with the military when she met Corvis Orion (no relation), while he used the pseudonym Beauba Fettt. He would go on to have the biggest impact on her life.

After working her way through the ranks, working with and learning all she could from Uzziah Akim and Sephe Knighthawk, she found herself the Director of Personnel for Riviera Medical. She would hold this title briefly during the formation of the New Republic, from the merger of Sorosuub and the Rebel Alliance. During this time, she developed many friendships, one of which was with Taka Aioko. However, their relationship would be tested in the coming days, eventually forced apart over ideological differences.

The Black Sun

As the New Republic was testing its newfound boundaries, Black Sun was making its move. She was loyal to the leaders of Sorosuub and, when it was revealed who had betrayed the New Republic, she was not surprised. Her friends had made their choice; Corvis Orion, Dracul Elensar, and Sergei Korolev had claimed their loyalty to Black Sun. Knowing this, she could not stay in Riviera Medical in good conscience, especially when Dracul Elensar was killed.

This led Orion to rethink much of her life, leading to the decision to retire her commission and head back home to Thyferra. Corvis Orion awaited her return; he was an old friend and, after a whirlwind romance, they married on board the BSS Nhar'qual on Year 9 Day 150. The new couple shared a private exchange of vows to seal their relationship.

Following her heart and her friendships, Orion made the decision to become an agent of Black Sun. Shortly after this, Corvis ascended to the throne of their new home. The pair lived on-board the BSS Nhar'qual until Orion's ascension as Dark Prince. During this time, Sylesta bore him two children, his firstborn son, Irving Jaken Orion, and a daughter Illyria Trillian Orion.

During Year 10 and well into Corvis’s reign as Prince, Orion fell unwell due to some experiments with drugs. The experimentation caused a long comatose period. Though eventually Orion emerged from her deep coma, the galaxy had shifted dramatically and she found herself struggling to reintegrate as both the wife of a former Dark Prince and a mother.

She would forever regret those years that she could not be there for Corvis and her darling children. She retired from the limelight along with Corvis and drifted into obscurity, raising her children through the Black Sun Education System until recent changes brought them back to activity.

Since her return, Orion has split her time between her family and the Family. Appointed to the position of Minister of Indoctrination, by Prince Jeor Knight, Orion has yet again found a way to lend her expertise to the Black Sun. In this role, she works closely with a wide spectrum of Black Sun agents, once again helping to shape its future.