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The Avance Coalition Command (TACCOM) is the executive body of the Avance Coalition. TACCOM is composed of the Consul of Defense, Consul of Civil Affairs, Consul of Diplomatic Affairs, Consul of Infrastructure, and the Director of Research and Logistics.

Council of Civil Affairs

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The Council of Civil Affairs is in charge of day-to-day life in The Avance Coalition, managing not only many important internal positions, such as administrating the House and Citizen applications, and handling member placement, but also running the famed Avance Academy on Sanyassa, where the future leaders of The Coalition and its corporations are trained and drilled to ensure the future of Avance and its allies.

Council of Diplomatic Affairs and Public Relations

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The Council of Diplomatic Affairs / DAPR is managed by the Consul of Diplomatic Affairs, a Vice Consul might be appointed as the executive. High Lords of The Avance Coalition have a general authority in government matters and therefore might be involved in diplomacy in any stage. Certain negotiations might be managed by the designated Liaisons of DAPR. Major houses also appoint diplomatic representatives who are involved in the diplomatic process representing The Coalition in certain matters, not their respective Houses.

Council of Infrastructure

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The Council of Infrastructure is responsible for the non-military expansion of The Avance Coalition, with their main role being the design and implementation of many major building projects. These projects may include things such as the construction of income cities and the maintenance of population levels on controlled planets. On top of these crucial tasks, the Council of Infrastructure also manages the Coalition's materials, a job of the utmost importance.

Council of Defense

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The Avance military was created with one thing in mind: Defense. The Avance armed forces fall under the juristiction of the Council of Defense, led by the Consul of Defense and Commandant of the Avance Security Forces.

The Avance Coalition

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