TF declares NAO rogue government, expels diplomats...

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Hacked by Jacob Jansen - Organization: Trade Federation

Date: Year 8 Day 361 Onboard the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship TFF Praetorian in system Vinsoth (186, 76)


Governmental relations suspended after criminal acts by Anzatans

Vinsoth, Vinsoth, Glythe [GNS] - Heavily-armed escorts led diplomats from the New Anzat Order from their embassy in Trade Federation territory today after the TF government took the rare step of declaring the NAO a rogue government guilty of crimes including blackmail and theft.

"The Trade Federation has a long history of neutrality and fair dealings with the galaxy, and we absolutely will not tolerate the actions of the irresponsible Anzatan government," said Viceroy Jacob Jansen.

The shift in policy stems from a treaty violation by the NAO, Jansen said, which involved a multi-million credit business transaction. The NAO, upon receiving a payment in accordance with treaty stipulations, moved to withhold their end of the transaction in an attempt to blackmail the TF into signing a separate political treaty.

"What the NAO didn't count on is the strength of our resolve," Jansen said. "The hard work of our members has placed us in a position to easily be able to resist economic blackmail, especially from two-bit governments like NAO."

Indeed, experts estimated that the Federation's assets and economic operations dwarf those of the NAO by a factor of "at least several hundred." News out of the Anzatan territories has been particularly bleak as of late, as one planetary government after another has rejected NAO rule.

The disappointing state of affairs in the Anzatan territories has become a subject of jokes and ridicule across the civilized galaxy, and Confederates are no exception.

"They should go back to their home sector," said Phobos Daqemef, a member of the security detail. "Wait a minute, what sector was that again?" Daqmef broke into hearty laughter.

Governments are usually dealt with on a good-faith basis, Viceroy Jansen said. Trading middlemen are generally not needed in high-level government-to-government dealings.

"We assume signed agreements will be honored by ethical governments; we give them the benefit of the doubt," Jansen said. "This is how they repay our trust."

"It's sad indeed that the once-proud Anzatan government has become little more than common thieves," he said. "They've probably already spent the money like the lowest spice addicts desperate for that one last hit."

"They should know, better than anyone, that they don't have many friends to lose."



TF declares NAO rogue government, expels diplomats... on the Galactic News Service