Tachibana Ryu

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Tachibana Ryu
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes Cluster
Clan Ryu
Mother Fumi Ryu (Deceased)
Father Hiro Ryu (Deceased)
Born Y -11 D 200
Languages Hapan, Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Huttese, Old Corellian
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Weight 175 lbs
Coloring Caucasian
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Blue Star Dominion
Prior Affiliation VP Capital Investments, Archduchy of Tolonda, The Cooperative
Signature caption

Tachibana Ryu was born a gifted individual in the Hapes Cluster. He has seen a career from military to trader. From Noble and then back to wanderer.


Born to Hiro and Fumi Ryu, Tachibana was a gifted child. At the young age of 4 he was already understanding the basics of spaceflight. Enrolling into a school for exceptional students at the age of 10. Tachibana during this time excelled in all fields. His teachers would describe him a student who had troubles with authority. Tachibana's parents during this time were killed in mysterious circumstances after Tachibana turned 14. Tachibana believed it was the school eliminating his family due to his strong family values and the inability to cut ties with them. Tachibana dropped out at 15 due to differences of opinions. Now an orphan and living on the street Tachibana roamed the underworld of Hapes. During that time he spent racing swoops and skirting the law. Tachibana during his childhood learned both theoretical knowledge in the classroom, as well as practical out on the streets.

The Soldier

At the Age of 18, Tachibana was charged with multitude of crimes due to being apart of the swoop gang. During his open and shut court case he was given two options. Join the Navy or face 25 years imprisoned. Tachibana who wished to live free chose the first option with very little hesitation. Tachibana spent the next 4 years of his life in the Hapan Navy. During this time he excelled above his peers showing skill that no one his age should possess. Tachibana trained with the best of the best in all manners of combat. He further developed his flying skills in a multitude of ships. During a routine mission Tachibana lost power to the vessel he was piloting. Adrift in space living off of emergency supplies made him understand he wished to do more then be a cog in the military complex.

The Trader

After rescue Tachibana turned in his resignation and took the small amount of credits he received and began trading. He slowly worked his way up and ran an extensive fleet of ships for both practical and collectible purposes.

Tachibana competed in Krieg's Run Racing. During these races he was sponsored by VP Capital Investments and took 2nd place during the Fourth Race of Year 14. Then again taking 2nd place overall for the Third Season.


During Year 15 and Year 19 Tachibana spent time away from the Galaxy in retirement. During this time he picked up a Ryll habit.

Return, and Nobility

On Year 19 Tachibana returned to the galaxy under the Archduchy of Tolonda. Being granted the rank of Knight, Tachibana was named Sir Tachibana Ryu-Vildras Knight of Revyia. On Year 19 Day 265 Tachibana was appointed COO of Tamra Royal Excavations. Later that year Tachibana was married off to a young Imperial officer Maia Yen by Helen Hawk in the middle of the Gilded Rose Auction House during the middle of Credit-Fight Night. Neither party really agreed to these arrangements and due to both of them being on opposite sides of the war front proceeded to get the marriage annulled. Tachibana was appointed Chairman of Tamra Royal Excavations on Day 350. At the same time he after help he was able to overcome his Ryll addiction. It was according to Elegos Ryder one of the requirements to take over the position. He would restructure a large part of the company and make it function as a proper arm of the Archduchy of Tolonda. It was during this time Tachibana spent time being a guest auctioneer at Gilded Rose Auction House. He would later move from being a guest auctioneer to finding a seat on the Executive Board of said Gilded Rose Auction House.

On Year 20 Day 132 Tachibana was awarded the nobility rank of Baronet. As well as given the promotion to Deputy of National Infrastructure. He did not spend long in this position. With growing tensions within the nobility of the Archduchy of Tolonda Tachibana ultimately left with many of his fellow knights. After this Tachibana would spend his time doing side jobs for friends as well as trophy hunting.

Controversy in Corellia

Tachibana hearing of the plight of the people of Corellia, came to the summons of the local populace and the Corellian Rebel Cell. He spent a couple months building infrastructure and shelters for refugees fleeing the Galactic Empire. Tachibana did not see any conflict personally during this time, as he was assisting the humanitarian efforts provided by The Cooperative government and allies.