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Reforming into Hyper-Communications Cartel

As me and Sovan have exchanged some DMs about the issue I'd like to take this to a public discussion on here as well. I got the following (I just summarized) message from Sovan the other day:

I would like to know what to do with the Arkanian Dominion's page. 
We have just been accepted into the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and to make it easier for RP purposes once we go faction 
(18 days left till factionship), we've gone ahead and changed our name. 
It was not something I originally intended on doing, but it made perfect logical sense when others discussed it with me.

I don't necessarily want all the data to be lost forever by deleting the page, 
but at the same time, I want it to be open to others in case someone else wants the Dominion name.

We'll be making a holocron page for the Hyper-Communications Cartel soon 
so I didn't want the information about how I run the Dominion and other things to conflict. 
In fact, as far as the Holocron is concerned, I'd rather the history of the 2nd Dominion never happened. 
That way, we can edit the history of the HCC to fit our own bill.

I personally (as I told him already) am of the opinion that IC the 2nd Arkanian Dominion as a NFG did happen (although of course it doesn't reflect and so it should be reflected in the history of the new faction the Hyper-Communications Cartel and the Holocron article should stay in place as well (as I do like the information it has). On the other side, the issue then remains that the Arkanian race is not part of the Combine and the Arkanian Dominion fighting for recognition of the "Arkanians" as the ruling race of Arkania is confusing (although IC confusing as that's just what the NFG stood for) so I can see the argument for deleting the (2nd) Arkanian Dominion as well and being able to write the Hyper-Communications Cartel history as free as possible. Although in my oppinion it shouldn't be so easy as to just "delete" the history of the Cartel and the Dominion by deleting information on the holocron as IC the history would (very awkwardly) still have happened and some people would remember. I can see both sides of the argument but am leaning more towards keeping the 2nd Arkanian Dominion as the predecessor of the HCC. Any other oppinions? --Qatar Shendo 23:32, 6 April 2012 (GMT)

I do not plan to get rid of the Arkanian Dominion's page, but I do not plan to continue to run its page. Our NFG is going faction in 18 days of this post and we'll be named the Hyper-Communications Cartel. It's canon and acceptable in the Holocron (whereas Arkanians aren't in SWC and so they are a gray spot in the Holocron). It also fits in with the information faction plan that we had originally planned. I don't necessarily want the Arkanian Dominion to be the predecessor to the HCC, per se. I wouldn't mind me remaining in its history, but HCC is separate. It's almost like saying that "South Sudan doesn't make much sense as an information country so we're going to change our name to Sudanese News Network". I would like to see the thread continue to be added to, but HCC is separate as far as history goes. In fact, I'm more leaning towards removing the 2nd Dominion's history to begin with. We did little as AD other than provide a layout for HCC. --Sovan Theln 1:19, 7 April 2012 (GMT)
I do not think you can just ignore what history you have created for your group. What you can do is "dissolve" the 2nd Arkanian Dominion NFG(say they were Caretakers who got tired of waiting for the REAL Arkanians to come back and decided to move on to other projects). Declare that your new NFG is Hyper Communications Cartel(this allows you for a clean break). Drak`ora Sabosen 01:59, 7 April 2012 (GMT)
It's not exactly ignoring OOC, but IC, it doesn't make much logical sense and will be difficult to explain. If you are able to explain it, by all means, feel free to go to the page and write it in. :P I wouldn't like to be called a caretaker though, and we are not waiting for the "REAL" Arkanians to come back. In SWC, Arkanians aren't a race. There is nothing "real" to be waiting for. We explained it as a nationality. I wouldn't also consider the HCC to be my new NFG as it is the same people as the other NFG. Perhaps we could write it out as a corporate takeover of resources, or that when we became a part of the Confederacy that we decided to become a corporation-like entity instead. Either way, explanation of a gray history is very time consuming and difficult. As I'm on a very strict timeline with the HCC (faction in 17 days) and we have three GNS projects to work on, time is very limited for me to go in and find a way to fix it up. --Sovan Theln 15:31, 7 April 2012 (GMT)
Hmm. I have no firm opinion on this subject but perhaps you shouldn't be so worried about creating an in-character explanation before your new faction debuts. You could always return to this article at a later date and leisurely craft a well-considered explanation to tie up the loose ends. Some editors (like me) take months to finish their Holocron articles. Anyway, that's my off-topic two cents. =) -- Rupert Havok 09:08, 9 April 2012 (GMT)
If your group operated under the name of Arkanian Dominion for some time in SWC, this page and the groups history should be kept, by all means. It is completely irrelevant which other factions or groups the leader or any percentage of the members of the Arkanian Dominion decided to found or join later. The correct IC explanation would be exactly what happened: "The Arkanian Dominion sank into obscurity when most of its supporters decided to abandon its cause to from the Hyper-Communications Cartel."All else the article should be streamlined. The whole first Arkanian Dominion is just a background story for the group that will now be defunct anyway. It isn't really of significant importance within SWC. It seems doubtful, if it will stay important for your new NFG. But you had chosen this as your background and RPed it for a while, so it can not be erased as if it never happened.--Dreighton 21:01, 14 April 2012 (GMT)
I am in agreement, Dreighton. It was more of a matter of explaining it, but we can develop a strong explanation over time. It does not have to be done immediately, as Rupert stated. Happily though, my NFG will be going faction this week so the AD was definitely not in vain.--Sovan Theln 12:21, 20 April 2012 (GMT)