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I could probably contribute some to this history, but I don't remember specific dates of even years. But anyways, here is the info I have on this group from way back:

Juno Xaed owned two factions, IIRC: Astralwerks and Infinite Dark. He wanted to establish Infinite Dark, but due to some restriction on how many factions could exist of each type, he had to share ownership or leadership of ID with Eshe Qua.

When he left the game, some time between 2002 and 2003 (I think) he gifted AE to me (I know Juno was in SWC in the fall of 2001 at least.) I owned it for a few months. Around the same time, that SWC casino was in operation where Jessy James and DarthDonuts won around 1 bil credits each. DarthDonuts was in Infinite Innovations Incorporated with Kuraine, and it was a Imp affiliate.

I seem to recall DarthDonuts gave a significant portion - if not all - of his winnings to Kuraine. In any case, Kuraine purchased Astralwerks off me for 40-45 million credits to make a new home for him and his group of people. He later moved on to other groups like Loronar Security (I think) and then the Falleen Federation. So this was all prior to the Battle of Beta at least.

I don't remember any more details, but I hope that helps some. --Alex Tylger 06:47, 24 October 2011 (GMT)