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The dark assault:

During the Grate War, the Sith Empire had decided to launch a raging assault against the people of Alderaan. Doing so to undermine the Corusant Government that was already overwhelmed in barren political arguments. Lead by Darth Malgus in person the ancient apprentis of Vindican. The Sith Legions swoop down on the peaceful planets of the Core. Easily rendering threw the weak local defense, storming the Organa Castle and taking hostage the Royal family. The Sith Lord did not expect a simple detail. Small groups of soldier of the Republic assigned to the Outer Rims were billeted their. Some were simply in recovery and others just waiting for orders.

Republican counter attack:

In order to take the advantage of surprise the Havoc squadron lurked the dark forces on their return from the Unknown Regions using the forest and highlands. Bravely assaulting an impressive enemy forces. Firstly throwing explosive projectiles then courageously shouting to the plagued the Sith while attacking. The daring move did not have the expected effect over Malgus, native of Dromus Kaas, and his Sith warrior cut threw those waves as sharp rocks on the cliff. The corporal Jace Malcom present during the fall of koriband made a desperate effort to kill the Dark Lord and disappeared in pain and agony threw burst of lightning. While holding the officer's life by a thread, Satele Shan that was originally tasked to unfold potential spy to the gentry made hear arrival. Their for making the survivors regroup in a defensive pattern. The Jedi soon found herself in bad posture and disarmed by the murderer of her late Master, Kao Cen Darach. Only the ability of the control of energy absorption named Tataminus allowed her to repel the humming blade of the opponent with her bare hand. Using only his courage and a grenade, the wounded officer rushed on the dark lord again in order to prevent the final fatal blow to Bastila Shan. The explosion that followed destabilizing the dark lord and allowing the woman to take over. Putting him out of harm's way, at least temporarily, sending him violently to rocks. Although weakened, Malcolm pulled a flare in the sky and many similar signals triggered by other units scattered around the planet appeared at the same time. The crews of Thranta Corvettes, Kel Dor-Dural Gnost and the fighter pilots of the Republic Navy reinforcements arrived at this precise moment taking advantage of this magnificent hope situation. Overwhelmed, the Sith had to retreat.

Thirst for vengeance:

Shortly after the beginning of the collapse, using the Mandalorian Shae Vizla Darth Malgus with a mutilated face and lungs was recovered by his personal shuttle. While the craft flew over the ruins of a city, the survivor vengeful felt the presence of a Jedi below. He immediately ordered the pilot to turn around and reduce altitude. Once the maneuver performed, he rushed into the void from the ship landing ramp. The use of his powers allowed him to recoup from his vertiginous leap. Finally, the Sith localized his a Zabrak prey , who attacked first shortly followed by an other Jedi. The pair did not stand a chance against the powers of the Sith Lord. He left the battle to the winning Republic gaining the reconquest of Alderaan


Republic victory Alderaan's royal family is freed from Sith captivity The Alderaanian government takes a strong militaristic stance in the Galactic Senate

Combatants Galactic Republic & Jedi Order vs Sith Empire

Commanders Captain Jace Malcom Sith Lord Darth Malgus

Strength At least 5 Jedi

Republic Army Republic troopers & Republic Special Forces Division Havoc Squad Alderaanian defense forces Republic Navy Talon-class starfighters Thranta-class corvettes Hundreds of Sith 1 Mandalorian

Imperial Army Thousands of Mark I Imperial assault droids Imperial soldiers Imperial Armada ISF interceptors Harrower-class dreadnaughts