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Where did the image come from? As far as I'm aware, there's no known images for Drayson, as he's so far out that there's not actually anyone playing anymore from the same era. Orphaea Imperium 15:47, 25 December 2012 (GMT)

Hi Orphaea. As there are no known avatars for Drayson's character, I uploaded one that reflected his character as a powerful Dark Jedi (before he was removed as emperor by the Admins and banned by Sim Master Fizzban). Spytek was more of a problem: Although I knew his character was Falleen, he once used a generic ezBoard avatar of Palpatine and seemingly role-played his character as a Human. When I first researched Spytek, a veteran told me that, with the database wipe, Spytek switched races to Falleen after he left the Empire and when joined Gabriella Storm's Black Sun syndicate. Whether or not that is true, later GNS posts by Vodo and others seemingly retconned Spytek's actual race and it was less problematic from an IC standpoint to continue with the Human interpretation. I know there are a number of instances in Combine history in which a ruler is one race yet is role-played/retconned as another (such as Alex Tylger being Human instead of Hapan, Jii Dee being Kubaz instead of Anzati, as well as many other NAO figures, etc). As such, I uploaded an image of an Imperial dignitary who was Human to represent Spytek. Now, in contrast to Drayson and Spytek, the choice of Zaarin for Vodo is accurate. He used various images of Zaarin for over six years such as this one far longer than his later choice of Palpatine (which several emperors used). Images for the emperors in general are problematic. For example, Veynom uploaded an image of Emperor Piett that is from the later Dark Empire era as opposed to his actual earlier reign as emperor. Nevertheless, I think its better to have image rather than nothing at all. -- Rupert Havok 17:38, 25 December 2012 (GMT)
Rupert, I like the general idea to add pictures for characters where the original picture can no longer be found. Yet I have a problem with the image you choose for Drayson, as the same image is currently used by another Sith. Now of course many people used the same popular or even canon images, as far as I know, the image of canon Piett was used by the SWC emperor at some point, but also by Uebles in the early stages of his career. Still we should try to avoid this (unless someone comes forward to point out that this is not a coincidence, but so far it looks like just that).
But I want to suggest that we strat using some IC explanation for using a non-historical (so to speak) picture, like "historical reconstruction". Just like we have no authentic historical image for some people IRL and may rely on artists to give a face to the name.
I can remember my first visit to the Imperial High Command website. I can remember seeing a picture for Spytek up there. I wish I had made a copy...--Dreighton 17:04, 17 March 2013 (GMT)
Hi Jennifer. I agree about adding an IC explanation. Perhaps we could use Wikipedia's phrase: "There is no known authentic portrait of [insert name here]. This is an artist's later interpretation." In regards to Drayson's image: Simms began using that unique image after it was uploaded for Drayson on both the Holocron and the Imperial Archives. I say "unique" because the image I selected/modified for Drayson -- and the version Simms now uses -- has three distinct markers which do not appear in the original painting. I added those three markers in Photoshop. I was quite flattered when Simms used my modified version of the painting, but I remember thinking: "Hmm, well, that particular image was already uploaded for Drayson... That might cause problems." Nevertheless, if Simms wants to use that image as his picture, we can find another one for Drayson. -- Rupert Havok 18:16, 17 March 2013 (GMT)::

--Mr Rupert Havok, the image you created for Drayson is an awesome picture, I stole/burrowed it until I figured out who made it...borrowed it from Drayson because I don't remember him ever having a picture for his avatar back in the days. So with your permission, I would like to make it as my official avatar pic please...(btw, I will answer that message you sent me about the "from the ashes" King Kuraine death scenario you asked me about soon ™ ) thank you.--Simms 20:03, 23 March 2013 (GMT)

Heya Simms. No problem! I'm glad someone liked that modified image and wanted to use it. =) I also liked the image you uploaded for Drayson as well. I look forward to your response about the Kuraine scenario. Your Beta RS posts were the among the most fun to read. =) -- Rupert Havok 06:19, 3 April 2013 (GMT)

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